Brightline adds Cuebiq's footfall attribution to OTT ad platform

Thursday, August 9th, 2018
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Cuebiq and Brightline Team Up to Enhance OTT Ad Buys with Footfall Attribution

  • New capabilities prove ad value, optimize spending, and can influence the creation of more effective creative

NEW YORK, NY — Cuebiq, a leader in location intelligence, and Brightline, the market standard for Advanced TV, today announced their partnership to provide media owners and advertisers with footfall attribution capabilities for targeted and/or enhanced OTT buys.

Streamed OTT ads provide significant advantages in targeting, personalization, optimization, measurement and engagement. The addition of Cuebiq’s footfall attribution insights to the current offerings at BrightLine increases the depth of information available to advertisers, enabling them to attribute in-person visitation back to their enhanced OTT ads.

“Increased competition and consumer awareness are driving heightened pressure for media owners to reduce annoying ad loads, and the only way to do this is to deliver more value via better-targeted ads, richer and more effective ad formats, and attribution,” said Jacqueline Corbelli, CEO of BrightLine. “Location intelligence is, therefore, a great new addition to our platform, so that advertisers can better understand their audience and whether or not purchases were made as a result of ad exposure.”

An initial analysis of BrightLine advertisers using the Cuebiq platform showed increases in footfall traffic as high as 24 percent when exposed to enhanced ads—and an even more impressive 56 percent for customers who engaged with the ad.

“OTT television and connected devices have gained steam the past few years, and while OTT’s importance for marketers is undeniable, it is still a relatively new format,” said Antonio Tomarchio, founder and CEO of Cuebiq. “Given our access to the largest and most precise location data set, we can provide more granular, unmatched insights for advertisers in OTT.”