Allen Media Group offers in-stream 'Frame' ads with BrightLine

Monday, May 20th, 2024 
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Allen Media Group Selects Brightline To Introduce Frame Ad Experiences For The Weather Channel, Local Now, And HBCU Go Connected TV Apps

  • Partnership Redefines Advertising for Brands Targeting Engaged Streaming Audiences without Disrupting Programming Flow

LOS ANGELES, California, United States — Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group (AMG) is pleased to announce the launch of new, in-stream “Frame” ad experiences — now available to advertisers in AMG’s The Weather Channel, Local Now, and HBCU Go connected TV (CTV) apps. Powered by streaming ad technology from BrightLine, the industry standard for advanced CTV ad experiences, these high engagement and non-disruptive formats offer advertisers unique opportunities to reach audiences during both live and on-demand programming without interrupting the viewer’s experience.

The Weather Channel ‘Frame’ ad unit, wrapped around live content from HBCU Go (image credit: BrightLine/AMG)

In addition to The Weather Channel and Local Now CTV apps, the launch of Frame within the AMG CTV app HBCU Go pioneers the path for innovative ad formats to reach specialized programming focused exclusively on targeted sports, entertainment, and news content. AMG now features Frame as part of their Upfront partnerships, offering brands an opportunity to escape the confines of traditional ad pods. The innovation also expands possibilities for new kinds of interactive and shoppable ad experiences tailored to viewer passions and programming content.

For advertisers, this means a huge leap forward. The days of invasive ad interruptions during critical programming are over, particularly for live events such as sports and weather coverage, and a more harmonious, viewer-centric ad model is being born – one that interweaves brand messaging into content for a less disruptive and more satisfying experience all around. The BrightLine “Frame” ad units elegantly squeeze back programming to make space for branded content, logos, interactivity, and shoppable moments – all while the action continues. These innovative units seamlessly integrate into the programming, allowing for an L-frame ad creative to appear without the need for traditional ad pods. This keeps viewers happily immersed in programming while allowing brands to reinforce messaging in revolutionary new ways.

“Frame ads not only reinforce brand messaging but also provide opportunities for interactivity and highlight shoppable moments within programming,” said Byron Allen, Founder/Chairman/CEO of Allen Media Group. “Our AMG streaming apps are now well-positioned to lead the way in creating a premium, next generation viewing environment, representing a major expansion of possibilities for brands to creatively and non-disruptively integrate their messaging into programming moments that matter most to targeted streaming audiences.”

“We’re excited to partner with Allen Media Group in bringing the next generation of advertising experiences to viewers,” said Robert Aksman, President of BrightLine. “Our cutting-edge streaming ad technology, combined with Allen Media Group’s commitment to innovation, allows advertisers to engage with audiences in new and impactful ways, seamlessly integrated into their viewing experience.”

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