DISH Media partners with BrightLine for interactive ads on Sling TV

Tuesday, December 12th, 2023 
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DISH Media Partners with BrightLine to Power Interactive, Personalized Advertising on Sling TV

  • Advertisers can now engage Sling viewers with interactive brand content while watching live TV, driving greater brand awareness, consideration and purchase intent.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — DISH Media today announced a partnership with BrightLine to allow for interactive ad units on live and on demand inventory on SLING TV. The two new advanced advertising products, In-Stream Interactive (versatile scrollers, simple games and trivia) and Dynamic Addressable (creative tailored to a viewer’s specific location), are now available on SLING. With Connected TV (CTV), now the number one platform for consuming video, advertisers are turning to more performance-based tactics to determine whether their TV campaigns are driving incremental results. Dynamic ads are redefining the traditional commercial break, allowing agencies and brands to increase brand awareness and prompt audiences to take action.

“As a leading streaming platform, our goal is to provide our SLING advertisers with the most effective, full-funnel ad solutions that allow for optimal targeting,” said Dave Antonelli, vice president, Sales, DISH Media. “Our first-party subscriber data coupled with Brightline’s suite of personalized ad experiences is another opportunity for our brand partners to achieve better attribution and guide consumers further down the marketing funnel.”

CTV is setting a higher benchmark for all video ad campaigns. Brands and marketers looking for the ability to better target, measure and assess campaign ROI are taking note, shifting more ad dollars that way. According to a recent study by BrightLine, dynamic CTV ad inventory delivered a 126% purchase attribution rate and a 3.5% lift in purchase intent. Brightline’s market leading technology allows brands to drive consumers to take action in what’s increasingly becoming a fragmented viewership environment.

“There’s a growing appetite for dynamic ad units that allow advertisers to engage directly with their audience and deliver more than a traditional TV commercial,” said Michael Bologna, chief accelerator at BrightLine. “We’ve partnered with DISH Media to expand the possibilities for CTV advertisers and provide viewers with the most dynamic, effective, and measurable ad experience available.”

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