Dish Media adopts Unified ID 2.0 identity solution

Tuesday, January 30th, 2024 
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Dish Media Adopts Unified ID 2.0, Enhancing First-Party Data Audiences For Advertisers Across Dish TV And Sling TV

  • DISH TV leads as the first major cable provider to adopt Unified ID 2.0, with SLING TV now the largest vMVPD to enable this unique identification solution.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — DISH Media, leaders in impression-based TV advertising, today announced the enablement of Unified ID 2.0 (UID2), an industry-leading identity solution, becoming the first MVPD and the largest vMVPD to integrate the innovative solution across its suite of traditional TV and OTT services. Pioneered by The Trade Desk, UID2 is an identity solution that enables targeted advertising with more precision and measurement across the open internet.

“Over the past decade we have invested heavily in harnessing the power of our first party data,” said Kevin Arrix, senior vice president, DISH Media. “Unified ID 2.0 captures that power and opens doors to heightened precision in targeting. This partnership enables advertisers to leverage our enriched datasets for more effective campaign strategies and ushers in a new era of privacy-conscious, yet impactful, advertising experiences.”

The adoption of UID2 across Sling TV and DISH Connected™ enables advertisers to build their media buys around DISH Media’s valuable first-party data. DISH Connected™, launched last spring, is a first-of-its-kind solution that allows DISH TV’s live linear inventory to be executed in real-time, programmatically. Advertising campaigns transacted via UID2 allow for a clearer picture of DISH viewers across devices.

People are consuming TV across platforms and data-driven planning must be at the forefront to give viewers the best ad experience. Advertisers leveraging UID2 can achieve greater reach and scale by seamlessly tapping into first-party data across DISH Media’s premium CTV and live linear inventory.

“DISH Media’s adoption of Unified ID 2.0 reflects their commitment to provide a high-quality ad experience for viewers,” said Taylor Ash, general manager, inventory development for CTV, The Trade Desk. “Publishers who share their first-party data with advertisers in a secure and privacy-conscious way will come out on top as the TV landscape continues to evolve.”

A growing cohort of publishers, data partners, and platforms have enthusiastically adopted this standardized identifier. In joining these industry leaders, DISH Media affirms its role in fostering collaborative, privacy-centric solutions for a more cohesive, efficient and responsible advertising ecosystem.

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