Go Addressable becomes industry trade body

Tuesday, November 21st, 2023 
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Go Addressable Announces Its Official Formation as an Industry Trade Organization

  • Altice USA’s a4 Advertising, Comcast Advertising, Charter Spectrum, DirecTV and Dish Media are founding members, with Paramount joining as the first programmer and newest member of Go Addressable.

Go Addressable, an industry initiative to advance addressable advertising, today announced the entity has been incorporated as an official, non-profit trade organization, comprised of Altice USA’s a4 Advertising, Charter Communications’ Spectrum Reach®, Comcast Advertising, DIRECTV Advertising, DISH Media and its inaugural programmer – and newest – member: Paramount Advertising.

This latest development and milestone are noteworthy as they point to the organization’s continued momentum as well as the larger industry interest, awareness of and growing usage and adoption of addressable TV advertising.

With new participants and additional funding and commitment secured, the group can further accelerate with its core mission to drive education, adoption and awareness behind this medium as it continues to scale. Per the latest research from Go Addressable and Advertiser Perceptions, 73% of advertisers and agencies surveyed are currently using the medium, and 81%, in a separate survey conducted by both entities, said addressable TV advertising is now playing a role in upfront negotiations.

“As we reach a pivotal point in the future of addressable TV, Go Addressable continues to find new ways to enhance, innovate and drive momentum behind this medium across the TV ad ecosystem. We’re very excited to lead programmer participation in this industry group,” said Maribel Becker, VP, Addressable Advertising Partnerships, Paramount.

“Since its inception in 2021, Go Addressable has been instrumental in tracking and shaping the medium’s trajectory, including through launching industry guidelines and keeping a real-time pulse on the industry’s latest adoption, usage of this medium, trends and more,” said Larry Allen, Board Chairman, Go Addressable. “Today’s incorporation as an official trade organization will further enable us to amplify our thought leadership and education rooted approach to raising awareness and adoption of this medium, as well as drive future innovation in this space.”

Later this month, Go Addressable will be hosting its third annual industry summit. The theme of this year’s event, which takes place on Wednesday, November 29, is the converged future of addressable TV advertising. Click here for more information.

Links: Go Addressable; Paramount