Oregan begins migration and Android TV STB projects at new telecoms customer

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018
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Oregan Continues to Lead Legacy Migration Momentum, Engages New FMC Telecoms Account

LONDON, UK — Oregan Networks, a pioneering embedded technology company which specialises in carrier-grade Pay TV client solutions, today celebrates the success of its long-term product strategy to address the technological and commercial challenges of transitioning obsolete Pay TV operations towards OTT content delivery systems and an evolved user experience.

Oregan has engaged a multi-year software and services contract to transition legacy STBs to a new multi-screen headend system. In parallel, Oregan’s SparQ middleware and professional services team will address the next-generation product based on Google’s Android™ TV OS. A detailed feasibility study, including risk and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) assessments, have already determined the technical and commercial viability of the project. The next phase will enable deployed legacy Set Top Boxes to deliver cloud-based video services, a refreshed user experience and support the latest open digital rights management systems.

The core value of the unique technology assets and professional services that Oregan contributes is in the harmonisation of the content services, streaming technologies, user experience and security standards across last decade’s IPTV CPE and next-generation Android based devices. A proven process of finely-tuned operational steps developed by Oregan enables a safe and secure remote software upgrade which fully replaces obsolete middleware with Oregan’s open standards-based solution. The driving force behind the migration initiatives is the unavoidable consumer trend towards non-linear OTT services, as well as introducing technology and process agility that is now a standard requirement from the post-market product evolution perspective.

Oregan’s pedigree and implementation experience in the legacy Pay TV migration market allows the company to approach the planning and execution of such projects with utmost precision and elegance. The key success criteria in this market is the ability to apply a holistic end-to-end process that takes into account the intricate dependencies across the entire spectrum of moving parts: from the underlying silicon hardware – to encoding and content security, supporting cloud-based DRM and watermarking services. A combination of proven technology components, methodology and Oregan’s latest achievements in client-side user experience optimisation is a powerful formula which inspires confidence in its global base of telecoms and MSO customers.