Kaltura Targeted TV segments audiences to enable tailored TV experiences

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018
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Kaltura Launches Targeted TV Solution for Revenue Generating, Tailored Cloud TV Experiences

  • With over 40 million global active users per month, the Kaltura TV Platform leverages it broad data set to create highly relevant user segments.
    • New Kaltura Targeted TV solution leverages AI and machine learning to balance the Cloud TV operator’s commercial goals with the interests and preferences of each user
    • Flexible, powerful data management capability enhances personalization
    • Easy creation of business offers enable Cloud TV operators to test targeted promotions, helping to ensure successful marketing initiatives
    • With over 40 million global active users per month, the Kaltura TV Platform leverages it broad data set to create highly relevant user segments

NEW YORK, NY — Kaltura, the leading video technology provider (IBC 2018 Stand 2.B41), today announced the availability of Kaltura Targeted TV, its new solution which extends the capabilities and operator benefits of Kaltura’s leading Cloud TV Platform. Kaltura Targeted TV uses AI to segment TV audiences and offer users tailored experiences that will increase content usage and overall user satisfaction while reducing churn and ultimately raising ARPU. With 300 million API calls per day and over 40 million active global users per month, covering live, VOD, catch-up, AVOD, TVOD, SVOD, and more, the Kaltura TV Platform touches the deepest and broadest data mine, which enables unmatched advanced user segmentation.

Aimed at pay-TV operators, telcos, media companies and broadcasters using the Kaltura TV Platform, Kaltura Targeted TV delivers tailored, cloud-based video experiences to engage specific user segments. The segments can themselves be adapted and modified ‘on the fly’, as a result of changing criteria.
The dynamic learning system embedded in Kaltura Targeted TV also provides a vitally important feedback loop, meaning that operators can change offers based on users’ reactions to, and take up of, specific promotions.

Kaltura Targeted TV blends three inter-related benefit-rich dimensions – user segmentation, content optimization, and business offers:

  • User segmentation based on data from internal and exported sources – Kaltura Targeted TV continually analyses raw data to identify usage trends and correlations for building a customer model with user segments that are pertinent to each operator. The dynamic segments can be mixed and matched as required for specific campaigns, and every operator can choose their own segmentation criteria.
  • The ability to mix and match tailored content from live, VOD, and catch-up TV (based on user preference/behavior) with operator-specified content and offers – ensuring that viewers always have something they want to watch. This helps to generate an optimal conversion rate per segment. For example, on the anniversary of a major movie star’s death, the operator may choose to promote a range of pay-per-view movies to consumers who favor this actor. The presentation of content in the user application can also be personalized by segment: content rails can be designed and ordered to appeal to specific segments, and images and rail titles can be changed to boost engagement.
  • The easy creation of business offers – cloud TV operators can create and try out targeted promotions on designated groups and benefit from constantly improving promotion targeting. Operators have the option to market-test different packages and pricing tiers for promotions, based on the specific behavior and attributes of each user segment. For example, an operator may decide to try out a new pricing package to a segment of big spenders and prominent big screen watchers to see how they react to a $10 package. After reviewing conversion rates, the operator can choose to adjust the price, or re-target the offer to a sub-segment (e.g. solely to big screen users).

Kaltura Targeted TV also supports addressable advertising, acting as a data management platform that can interface with multiple ad servers and ad exchanges. Together with Kaltura’s advertising partners, it can offer ad buyers more effective advertising options, and cloud TV operators and inventory owners the prospect of higher revenues, by offering granular audience segmentation for the first time.

Dr. Shay David, Media and Telecom President and GM, Kaltura, said, “In a crowded market where many viewers sign up for multiple TV services, Kaltura’s Targeted TV solution equips Cloud TV operators with the tools they need to stand out from the crowd and win hearts, minds and wallets. Data is king and Kaltura Targeted TV helps our customers turn their vast oceans of data into meaningful insight that can be used to promote highly relevant content, offers and experiences to each end user.”