Go See TV and Flowplayer launch Shoppable Content Player

Monday, December 10th, 2018
Flowplayer logo

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — Go See TV Inc. and Flowplayer announce a strategic partnership to launch the Go Shop™ Player, a publisher tool that makes content shoppable. Go Shop™ is an all-in-one e-commerce solution that allows publishers to monetize their video content in new and more effective ways. With our Go Shop™ Player, we help empower publishers and content owners with an enhanced video strategy. By empowering a content owners video library and production workflow with our Go Shop™ e-commerce solution, we are able to offer users an interactive experience that enhances their video strategy. The results are in and Go Shop™ proves that interactive video is a winning strategy. Our data shows two times the video engagement rate, a 65% plus interaction rate and a 10% plus click-through rate. Well above conventional results for online and mobile video consumption.

Make your video strategy standout. With so much content available online, most publishers and content owners struggle to get their content seen in all of the video noise available on the internet. Brands are also struggling to engage directly with the consumer. With Go Shop™, combined with a sound editorial strategy, publishers and content owners are now able to enhance the viewing experience and add more value to their audiences. In verticals such as food, fashion, travel and many more, publishers can now make their video interactive and incentivize the user to interact with the content.

How does it work? Taking a food video as an example, users interact with the content and follow along while learning how to make a certain dish on their favourite food website. The Go Shop™ Player incentives the user to order the ingredients being used in the video via discounts and calls to action. With a couple of clicks, the user can order the ingredients and have them delivered to their home the next day. More importantly, with our Go Shop™ technology we can track the user experience and deliver the metrics back to brand partners. From impression to click to cart, Go Shop™ provides a winning interactive, shoppable video experience with in-depth data reporting and analytics.

Go See TV’s CEO, David Greener had this to say: “I am thrilled at our alliance with Flowplayer. They are the perfect partner to help us launch Go Shop™ in the marketplace. With Go Shop™ we look to take the lead in how interactive shoppable content is consumed. Flowplayer is the right partner to launch this product with. They are one of the leading online video technology companies in the marketplace with a global reach that will help us grow our collective businesses and offer a compelling monetization strategy to our partners.”

Flowplayer’s CEO, Emanuel Viklund said “We are excited to bring Go Shop™ to existing and new customers together with our partner Go See TV. E-commerce is growing rapidly as consumers research, compare and shop online. With Go Shop™ we offer a new way for customers to discover, engage with and shop products from within video content allowing publishers and brands to engage with their audience in new meaningful ways. Go See TV has been the perfect partner to co-create this product with their deep experience in video technology.”

Links: Flowplayer; Go See TV