Nordija wins IPTV contract from US fibre operator Ting

Monday, December 10th, 2018
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Nordija wins contract from US fibre operator Ting to support IPTV service

Nordija is providing the technology behind the upcoming service Ting TV. The software platform fokusOn was chosen as the engine behind the solution, and Ting and Nordija are now in the final stages of delivering a new comprehensive IPTV solution.

Ting TV will offer cable channels and channel packs plus local and specialty channels, while viewers will be able to boost up their line-up with premium add-ons like HBO and Showtime. Multiple features for linear TV will be available, so the user can pause and rewind live or record programs, and watch later on any other Ting provided box in the home.

“We’re excited to be collaborating with Nordija to layer Ting TV onto the symmetrical Gigabit Internet service we offer in our Ting Towns,” says Michael Goldstein, VP Sales and Marketing at Ting. “Ting TV will be powered by our crazy fast fiber Internet, with access to on-demand services and over 120 channels, all in HD. Choosing the right technology partner was crucial for us and Nordija has been crucial in bringing smart, usable, affordable TV to Ting customers.”

The service is provided via the fiber network that Ting is building in towns and cities across the US, and will be offered on set-top boxes and DVRs to buy or rent, and will be viewable in the home on tablets, smartphones and streaming players such as Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

“Being founded upon visions of openness in their internet services, we see Ting as a great match for us at Nordija. We believe the same should go for the software behind it, and we are thrilled to provide Ting with a flexible and complete solution from backend to frontend with a rich list of features for TV and on demand viewing”, says Thomas Christensen, CEO at Nordija.