SETAR deploys Nordija interactive TV platform in Aruba

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020
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SETAR from Aruba has deployed Nordija´s interactive TV platform

Denmark-based global technology middleware provider Nordija has strengthened its presence in the CALA (the Caribbean and Latin America) market by delivering a fully integrated, end-to-end IPTV solution to Aruban operator SETAR.

SETAR is the key player on Aruba, offering the highest internet speed on the island. Besides telephony, they offer around 200 channels, including HDTV channels, TV series, films, music, children’s programs, news, sports, and documentaries. The upgraded TV solution that Nordija has delivered will encompass WhatsOn content discovery module, Video on Demand shops including Movie VoD and HBO Series VoD store, HD TV, an advanced recording engine and network recording features such as Pause Live, nPVR, Start Over and Restart.

The successful delivery of the Nordija´s fokusOn platform to Setar was accomplished in cooperation with Dutch integration partner Divitel who has been Nordija´s trusted technology partner for many years both in Europe and now also in CALA region.

“We are committed to bringing the newest technologies, apps, products, and services for the island of Aruba, and therefore we have decided to partner up with Nordija to provide our customers with the most advanced platform on the market.” Raul Ponson, Sector Manager Technical Affairs at SETAR

“We are excited to broaden our customer reach with this beautiful island in the Caribbean. Nordija strives to support SETAR to fully embrace the changes in how people consume content and their need to be fully engaged in the TV experience.” Jeroen van Vliet, CCO at Nordija