NXP Semiconductors is one of the First to Introduce Nagravision Conditional Access API to its STB chipsets

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007 

NXP achieves NOCS certification for advanced security in conditional access applications

NXP Semiconductors, the independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, today announced that it has achieved NOCS certification from Nagravision, a Kudelski Group (SWX:KUD) company and leading independent supplier of open conditional access systems, on its PNX8330 chipset, answering the pay-TV industry demand for compliance with a leading security platform. In addition, NXP is one of the first semiconductor companies to support the Nagravision, NOCS dedicated, application programming interface (API) which will shorten development time for faster time-to-market of new set-top box (STB) devices. As STB manufacturers face more pressure to integrate security into the box, they look to technology providers to ease the implementation of conditional access systems. Through support of the Nagravision API and NOCS certification, NXP ensures that OEMs are able to rely on a certified chipset to pass security certification at the box-level.

“As a leading conditional access player in the market, Nagravision understands what it takes to be successful in mass deployment of security technology in the box. We are impressed with NXP’s ability to accomplish our NOCS certification for its PNX8330 chipset in half the time than it traditionally takes and are confident that NXP will help the industry meet the growing demand for conditional access systems in STBs,” said Jean-Philippe Plantevin, senior vice president, sales and services, Nagravision. “The need for more stringent access control is growing in tandem with increasing support from television operators for digital technology, in an effort to offer consumers more interactive applications, higher performance and unparalleled image quality. Nagravision is excited to work together with NXP to offer technology that meets the needs for secure access to high value content.”

“The operator market is growing in importance in the overall global STB market and NXP is dedicated to answering their specific needs for enhanced security features through work with leaders such as Nagravision,” said Menno Kleingeld, senior marketing director, NXP Semiconductors. “NXP has joined a select group of semiconductor companies that are providing Nagravision compliant STB chipset solutions, thereby giving device manufacturers more choice in technology providers.”

In addition to easing the implementation of conditional access systems, NXP is also committed to reducing the total cost of ownership in the pay-TV (or vertical) STB market. NXP has leveraged knowledge from its leading position in the cost-sensitive DVB-T STB market and applied it to the development of solutions for the service provider market. Support of Nagravision’s API coupled with NXP’s ability to provide proven, innovative, technology allows service providers to deliver content to the consumer more reliably and at a lower cost, which increases the average revenue per user (ARPU). In addition, NXP’s superior front-end tuner, demodulator and video decoder technology provides high quality reception for less subscriber complaints, high customer retention and growth, and less money spent on technical assistance.

NXP is powering the revolution in the TV viewing experience by delivering solutions that process all global digital formats, offer best possible picture quality and enable a variety of audio, video, data and images to be available anytime, anywhere throughout the home and on-the-move. The TV will soon be the window to a world of new content, and NXP is unique in supporting these developments with a full range of semiconductor components, system solutions and connected systems based on industry standards.


The updated, NOCS compliant PNX8330 chipset supporting Nagravision’s API is available now. NXP also plans to certify additional NOCS compliant STB chipsets in Q4 2007.

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