SpotX releases '2019 Video Advertising Trends' report

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019
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SpotX Releases Predictions About 2019 Video Advertising Trends in New Report

  • Research shows four key changes in OTT, traditional TV, online video, data activation, and transparency within the video advertising landscape

NEW YORK and DENVER — SpotX, the leading global video advertising and monetization platform, today announced the release of a new report titled, “2019 Video Advertising Trends.” Based on a combination of third-party data as well as what SpotX hears from media buyers, sellers, and other industry players in-market, the report identifies four important trends that the industry can expect to see this year, including:

  • New offerings will come into play for OTT video services.
  • Traditional TV will continue to transform for today’s digital landscape.
  • Shifting consumer expectations of ad experiences and personal data usage will drive innovations in ad transactions and delivery.
  • Industry-wide transparency efforts and regulation will spur larger investments in data management.

“This report made it very clear that both media buyers and sellers must be flexible and ready for change, whether it be diversifying their ad spend or seeking out new global opportunities to increase the value of their inventory,” said Mike Shehan, co-founder and CEO at SpotX. “Data privacy is still a major concern for key stakeholders and the entire industry will need to comply with new regulations. Still, there are so many exciting opportunities this year as technology continues to improve, and we should all feel very hopeful about what’s coming our way — from advancements in addressable TV to data enablement in OTT.”

Additional key themes emerged based on research and are included in the report:

  • Global consumer habits will drive OTT innovation.
  • We can expect to see better ad experiences for consumers as targeting continues to improve for advertisers.
  • OTT providers, virtual MVPDs, telcos, and more will seek to expand into new global markets.
  • Publishers will start to put first- and third-party data in action to increase the value of their inventory.
  • The future of pay TV isn’t as grim as some data suggests.
  • Live advertising will grow as the convergence of traditional TV and OTT continues.
  • Local ad revenues are forecast to decline because political dollars will recede before the onslaught of 2020 political dollars.
  • Media owners and advertisers will seek out solutions for the growing fraud problem.
  • We’ll see more initiatives to increase industry transparency and supply path optimization.