engage:BDR announces programmatic integration with FreeWheel

Monday, February 18th, 2019
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engage:BDR Integrates Top 2 U.S. Digital TV Player Comcast FreeWheel

  • Comcast FreeWheel is currently one of the largest video supply-side platforms in the world (SSPs), offering digital video inventory
  • engage:BDR FreeWheel integration brings new, top-tier TV network supply and tremendous reach across digital screens
  • Integration enables access to premium digital TV publishers with a heavy footprint in Asia Pacific and European regions
  • Integration will provide access for engage:BDR to offer addressable TV to its customers, enabling advertisers to reach users across all devices with significant scale

engage:BDR (ASX:EN1 and EN1O) is pleased to announce another programmatic integration, FreeWheel, into its platform. FreeWheel’s ad management platform encompasses a premium marketplace for TV inventory and advertising services. This integration will work to optimize ad monetization, improve the Company’s CTV/OTT presence and ultimately contribute to incremental growth in revenue, gross profit and net profit contribution.

Benefits of Integration

At the core, the FreeWheel integration helps engage:BDR expand its reach into the TV and video ecosystem, drive ad exchanges and incrementally grow revenue. FreeWheel fills a significant void in the engage:BDR’s supply chain and brings the Company closer to the CTV/OTT and Linear TV inventory, and the marketers who are looking for it.

In addition, FreeWheel’s extensive reach across TV allows engage:BDR to better service and scale existing buyers. Not only that, but it also enables the Company to provide more holistic media plans for brands that allow them to reach users across multiple screens and devices.

FreeWheel maximizes the value of its premium content through diverse tools to provide insights into their inventory and their business as a whole. As a result, FreeWheel transforms the marketplace by empowering publishers to manage supply and demand imbalances in ways that maximize ROI and minimize risk.

Management is confident that this integration will be fruitive and will contribute substantially to the Company’s financial targets in the coming months.