Kaltura releases updated Cloud TV Platform SDK

Thursday, February 21st, 2019
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Kaltura Enhances Cloud TV Platform SDK for Superior Mobile TV Viewing

  • Kaltura is releasing a new version of its Cloud TV Platform SDK for iOS and Android devices with multiple new features including a unique playback optimization solution
  • HEVC support now enables better viewing experiences on-the-move
  • Real-time analytics helps service providers monetize content more powerfully
  • Multiple ad solutions now supported including Facebook Audience Network (FAN)

NEW YORK, NY — Kaltura, the leading video technology provider, announced today the release of a new version of its Cloud TV Platform SDK, including a unique feature to provide faster, smoother playback on low internet connectivity for mobile devices. The enhanced SDK now also includes HEVC support, real-time analytics, as well as multiple ad solutions support including Facebook Audience Network (FAN).

Kaltura’s market-leading Cloud TV Platform SDK is already in use – powering 20 million views per day, and supporting over 6,000 different types of Android devices – in cloud TV deployments by Tier 1 operators and leading media companies, including PJSC VimpelCom, which in September 2018 launched its mobile TV service, Beeline TV, powered by Kaltura. Beeline TV has been shortlisted for the 2019 GSMA MWC Awards in the Best Mobile Video Content Service category.

“The essence of Cloud TV is ensuring that whenever a person wants to watch TV, they simply can, at the highest quality, regardless of the device they choose or their location. As mobile video consumption continues to grow, we at Kaltura have been working on the state of the art technology behind-the-scenes that makes this possible,” said Dr. Shay David, Kaltura Co-founder, President and General Manager, Media and Telecom. “At Kaltura, we relentlessly innovate to find new ways to ensure that subscribers, no matter where they might be, enjoy amazing TV service quality. This new generation of our Mobile SDK ensures that mobile viewing is a superior experience.”

Kaltura’s new playback optimization solution for mobile viewing was developed by monitoring internet connectivity data at the network level in addition to device and player-level data.

This monitoring enables Kaltura’s mobile SDK to dramatically shorten load and handshake time, thus delivering a smoother and faster video start time. This new solution will be particularly relevant in emerging markets which may have slower mobile network connections. It will also be a major boost to viewing of primetime events with high levels of simultaneous viewers.

In addition, Kaltura’s new Mobile SDK version now supports HEVC and provides real-time analytics such as indications of join time, play failures, time spent on the service and more, helping the TV service provider optimize and accelerate their business decisions.

Kaltura’s Mobile SDK also now supports multiple advertising solutions, including Facebook Audience Network (FAN) Facebook ads, and Google AdManager, to provide service providers with far greater flexibility to monetize their content and increase advertising revenue.