Kaltura and 3SS offer joint personalized Cloud TV solution

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019
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Kaltura and 3SS Join Forces to Enable Transformational Personalized Cloud TV Services

  • Industry leaders Kaltura and 3SS team up to deliver a powerful new joint offering set to transform the business potential of Cloud TV services
  • 3READY front end now fully pre-integrated with Kaltura’s Targeted TV solution to enable creation of tailored experiences across all devices for customers and new revenue opportunities for Cloud TV providers
  • Highly flexible pre-integrated Back End – Front End technology platform will enable super-speedy and highly targeted Cloud TV based service launches

NEW YORK, USA and STUTTGART, Germany — Kaltura, the leading video technology provider, and 3 Screen Solutions (3SS), leading provider of software solutions for set-tox box (STB) and multiscreen digital entertainment, today jointly announce the launch of a new solution whose goal is to empower operators to rapidly launch attractive, targeted and personalized Cloud TV services.

The collaborative solution brings together Kaltura’s proven and successful Cloud TV Platform, with its machine learning enabled Targeted TV technology, with 3SS’ award-winning 3READY front end including highly adaptable UI/UX. The result is a true best-in-class pre-integrated offering which will help content owners, broadcasters and network operators to launch customized, branded IPTV and OTT multiscreen services faster than previously possible.

Drawing on the partners’ expertise, world-class engineering and system design, with the new joint solution, Cloud TV providers can benefit from maximum service monetization potential, while viewers get truly personalized next generation entertainment.

Kaltura Targeted TV technology for deep individual understanding and effective campaign management

Kaltura’s TV platform powers fully-fledged Cloud TV services, including management of all service elements – Business, Data, Experience and IP Video. The platform also has tools that power, manage and analyze user engagement, including authentication, preferences, content discovery, purchases, entitlements, content consumption and campaign interaction processes, all of which the partners have now integrated with 3READY.

From all these, Kaltura’s system collects an abundance of user data which is processed using AI and machine learning models to create a multi-dimensional segment association. Kaltura’s Targeted TV system then recommends relevant content to each user segment, and also enables marketers to target specific user segments with highly effective in-experience promotions that leverage 3READY’s highly functional and intuitive UI. Such segments include likely user content interests, likelihood to purchase certain packages, engage in particular promotions, or to churn.

These segment analyses, an agile commerce and content engine, and 3READY’s tailored dynamic UX with flexible layout and UI, optimized for all platforms (STB, smart TV, mobile, web and games consoles) with in-app promotion support, all combine to empower the operator to deliver to each subscriber the most appealing content, promotions and business offers.

Ultra-flexible, automated, data-driven 3READY front end for truly personalized viewing on any screen

Award-winning, highly customizable 3READY front end solution incorporating dynamic UI helps service providers to fast-track launches and new feature enhancements for IPTV, OTT, satellite or cable STB and/or mobile. 3READY is highly flexible and pre-engineered to deliver today’s most compelling functional requirements. So an operator can introduce branded services faster with state-of-the-art application architecture ready to customize to business needs.

3READY’s intuitive and adaptive UI helps subscribers easily discover and access compelling content, across content sources, whether on connected TV, set-top box, games console, mobile device or browser.

Content- and commerce-agile solution with real-time experience management

The joint offering enables a targeted and personalized user experience that can balance an operator’s need to promote specific content and business offers with a UI delivering an entirely personalized experience. Consumers will get engaging, content-rich services that can be effectively monetized by any combination of ads, TVOD and SVOD packages using home screen promotions, content recommendations and search suggestions.

3READY delivers operational and cost efficiencies through automated A/B testing of the UI while advanced analytics tell the operator which content and subscriber offers are performing best. Therefore, with the combination of the Kaltura TV Platform and 3READY, the operator can make business decisions which are faster and better-informed.

“We are excited to bring together our Targeted TV offering with the innovative 3READY solution from our partner 3SS,” said Dr. Shay David, Kaltura Co-founder, President and General Manager, Media and Telecom.

“This partnership provides marketers with ground-breaking tools for targeted in-app campaigns and UI adaptability that help increase retention and monetization. The ability to deliver flexible data-enriched TV experiences tailored for each user has moved from dream to reality, and will redefine how people, and our industry, think of Cloud TV,” he added.

“Today’s market is highly competitive, and knowing how to stand out from the crowd is essential,” commented Kai-Christian Borchers, Managing Director of 3SS. “The challenge of achieving this objective in a timely fashion is further compounded by complex technical decisions.”

“Through our partnership with Kaltura, we are taking the uncertainly out of launching new Cloud TV services,” he added. “With our joint offering, the game has changed; providers can start earning revenues faster, using trusted, world-class technology, and provide loyalty-enhancing personalized services to their valued subscribers.”