BARC India to integrate TV and Out of Home TV viewership

Monday, March 25th, 2019
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BARC India to Launch Integrated TV Plus Out of Home Measurement Service. Currency Panel successfully expanded to 40,000 metered homes

MUMBAI — BARC India, the audience measurement and analytics body, has added another offering to its suite of rich insight products. The company that had launched its Out of Home (OOH) TV viewership measurement service in 2018, has decided to significantly expand the offering this year.

Starting this year, BARC India will be integrating TV and Out of Home TV viewership in its BARC India Media Workstation (BMW) software. This first of its kind integration of in-home and OOH TV viewing, will allow BARC India subscribers to understand the overall viewership garnered on TV and the combined impact of the two mediums.

In 2018, BARC had started OOH TV viewership measurement in the three metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and has now significantly expanded the coverage to 120+ urban towns and cities.

This also comes at a time when BARC India has expanded its panel to 40,000 metered homes within the committed timeline of March 2019.

The service will allow broadcasters and advertisers uncover more value and insights into the TV viewing behaviours both inside and outside the home. The data will also be available in the Planning module for agencies to plan effectively and account for this audience.

An establishment study conducted for OOH measurement revealed that of the 836 Million TV owning individuals, at least 10% prefer visiting restaurants and eateries at least once a week. It was also observed that 13.5% of these TV viewing individuals visit said social eateries on a Sunday. The new TV + OOH measurement will enable tracking the TV viewing drive of such individuals from their homes to these social hot-spots.

“Innovation is a part of our DNA at BARC India and it has always been our resolve to empower the industry with deeper and sharper insights into the TV viewing habits of Indians, irrespective of the screen or pipe. Our latest OOH offering is one such endeavour and we are sure that it will unlock great value for the entire broadcast ecosystem with big ticket events like Cricket World Cup and Indian Premier League coming up” said BARC India CEO, Partho Dasgupta