t-broad uses Alticast cloud technology to enable UX virtualization

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019
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t-broad Implements Alticast’s Cloud UI Hybrid Technology to Enable UX Virtualization

SEOUL, Republic of Korea — Alticast, an end-to-end media solutions provider, today announced that t-broad, Korea’s leading multiple system operator (MSO) has launched Alticast’s flexible cloud-based, user interface (UI) virtualization solution, Apex – Hybrid™ as part of their next-gen service. This is the first time that an operating partner of Alticast has launch Apex in its hybrid form.

Operating on server-centric architecture where the majority of the UI is executed in the cloud and transmitted to the client device, Apex Hybrid consists of Apex Command, which supports Javascript, allowing delivery of rich animations to set-top boxes and Apex Image, which supports Javascript and HTML5 web-based app rendering. This hybrid solution allows t-broad’s service the ability to adapt and select the rendering approach that will effectively and efficiently deliver the best video experience to their subscribers.

“Our flexible platform allows dynamic adaptation of various media service requirements,” said Dosa Park, Head of the Media Business division, Alticast. “This flexibility will allow t-broad to rapidly deploy or upgrade their service features or UI in the most efficient form, based on service type, time-to-market needs, network capabilities, etc. at any given time.”

In addition to service delivery flexibility, t-broad will also benefit from a fast, flexible and cost-effective service operation. Apex-Hybrid enables a rapid time-to-market for initial deployment and continuous upgrades of on-demand interfaces and various web apps. It also has the ability to offer personalization of these services by aggregating and monitoring user data.

“t-broad is committed to offering the best media experience to our subscribers and Apex-Hybrid allows us to do that,” said Sukmin Ahn, CTO, t-broad. “Not only does it help us to keep costs to a minimum, we are able to quickly and efficiently deliver content in a graphically-rich interface that is personalized for the subscriber. It also allows us the ability and flexibility to adapt our service as needed in the future.”

Alticast’s Apex solution was recently shortlisted as a finalist for a Leading Lights Award in the “Most Innovative Cable/Video Product or Service” category. In 2018, it was a finalist for a Digital TV Europe’s Content Innovation Award in the UX category and won a coveted BTR Diamond Technology Award in the Video Processing Solutions category.