Extreme Reach platform connects all creative with any media placement

Thursday, May 9th, 2019
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Extreme Reach Launches AdBridge, the Complete Creative Asset Workflow Solution Designed for the Next Era of Brand Storytelling

  • Platform Integrates Every Path and Process Required to Manage and Move Creative at the Speed of Technology

NEW YORK — Extreme Reach (ER) today officially announced the launch of AdBridge™, a creative asset workflow platform designed to automatically prepare and seamlessly connect all creative with any media placement across today’s complex landscape—and position marketers to capitalize on the expanding storytelling opportunities ahead.

AdBridge is the only solution that integrates asset preparation, TV delivery, video ad serving, Talent & Rights management and overall creative asset management in one platform. It is designed to resolve the growing challenges of legacy systems that rely on separate point solutions for discrete aspects of interrelated functions. To realize the true promise of ad-supported advanced TV at scale, the industry needs to move to a one-creative-clearinghouse model so the assets move at the speed of data-driven media decisioning. With AdBridge, brands and their agencies enjoy the benefits of a central, permission-based ad asset cloud where the creative can be managed easily, shared securely and delivered to any screen at any time.

“We sit in the middle of the creative and media ecosystem and have witnessed first-hand the rapid escalation of problems that marketers and their agencies face when brute-forcing old delivery systems in a completely new landscape. As our clients move to one central clearinghouse for the stewardship and movement of their creative assets around the ecosystem, those issues disappear overnight,” said Extreme Reach CEO Tim Conley. “Regardless of how much change we all experience, the fundamental tenet of advertising remains the same—seamlessly connecting the creative with the media precisely, and as planned. We’re proud to be the first technology company to bring the industry an end-to-end system for moving and managing their creative assets efficiently.”

The launch could not come at a more critical juncture. With the emergence of dynamic creative optimization, dynamic ad insertion, addressable TV, personalized video and programmatic buying, it’s clear that the ongoing innovation in media buying shows no signs of slowing. Yet little consideration has been given to the complexity around managing and delivering creative assets to fill those media moments. The additional power of data-mining and targeting is creating even more opportunities for brands to tell their stories—in more shapes and sizes, and across more platforms and devices than ever before.

Being on the cusp of a creative renaissance makes for an exciting time for marketers. But it’s also sparked an explosion in the number of creative assets being produced and the number of entities that need access to those assets to launch and run campaigns. Spreadsheets and manual coordination are already creating serious issues and certainly won’t scale into the future. Campaigns are being needlessly delayed and Talent & Rights issues abound. In fact, according to an Advertiser Perceptions® study, more than half of digital agency teams are frustrated by campaign delays brought on by the difficulties in locating creative assets and preparing them for many different placements. Video ad serving from within AdBridge—where the creative already lives—eliminates all that workflow friction and ensures compliance with complex Talent & Rights restrictions.

ER is celebrating the launch with a tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign that illustrates the perils of legacy workflows in today’s environment. In keeping with ER’s passion for advertising creative, the campaign departs from usual B2B approaches, tapping prominent commercial director Ben Weinstein and a cast of union actors all experienced in sketch comedy and improv. The marketing investment to amplify the needs for creative asset transformation is reflective of the market value and game changing results ER ascribes to AdBridge. See video here.

“Connecting all the creative to all the various types of media sounds straightforward, but actually involves many steps, paths and processes,” said Matt Timothy, Chief Revenue Officer. “AdBridge transforms the creative asset workflow, making it fast and seamless to manage and deliver ads, removing the uncertainty of manual hand-offs and disjointed workflow so that ultimately, the marketers’ brilliant stories play perfectly in front of the intended consumers.”