VlogBox certified to support Extreme Reach VAST tags

Tuesday, May 31st, 2022 
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VlogBox Teams Up with Extreme Reach to Directly Work with New Advertisers

VlogBox, a top CTV app development, distribution, and monetization platform for content creators, is now certified by Extreme Reach (ER), a global leader in creative logistics, to support the ER VAST tags.

Due to the partnership, VlogBox is now capable of running ER VAST tags smoothly, which means the company and its publishers can use the tags via the applications or SDK in order to directly connect to specific advertisers that utilize ER as their primary ad server. This in turn implies an expanded base of demand partners and finally – increased ad monetization yields.

“At VlogBox, we measure our success according to the success of our clients. We’re constantly searching for ways to improve our game and over-deliver. Earning the Extreme Reach certification to support and run VAST tags on creator inventory reflects this. With a 5-year validity, this certification guarantees that VlogBox is technically capable of using ER VAST tags on content owner material to track, deliver and monetize ads optimally,” said Tetyana Seredyuk, PhD, Co-Founder and CSO at VlogBox.

ER VAST tags standardize content tag formats across numerous publishers, facilitating seamless and real-time delivery of a video ad to any screen size or device. This improves transparency, optimizes ad impressions, and ensures smooth video ad serving for content creators. For audiences, it means a more targeted and enjoyable ad viewing experience.

“We’re happy that VlogBox has chosen to join our growing group of industry-leading ER VAST Certified providers,” says Mary Vestewig, ER’s VP, Digital Account Management. “As content creation continues to evolve, VlogBox is streamlining the ability of content creators to disrupt ad monetization in exciting ways.”

Earning Extreme Reach’s VAST tag certification is yet another milestone in VlogBox’s mission to lead the charge in ensuring content owners get maximum rewards for their content creation efforts.

Links: VlogBox; Extreme Reach