MKMG teams up with VlogBox for OTT/CTV placement

Thursday, October 28th, 2021 
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MKMG teams up with VlogBox to explore new OTT/CTV placements

MKMG, an international distributor and producer of video content based in Ukraine, has begun its collaboration with VlogBox, a global video distribution, monetization, and advertising platform, to explore new placements in the rapidly-developing OTT space.

MKMG now owns a set of CTV apps developed by VlogBox, including dedicated art (World of art), cooking (Cooking Day, Día de Cocina), lifestyle (Cool Look), traveling (The World in Pictures, El mundo en postales), knowledge (Info Day, Infotoy em Portugues), and family leisure time (Family Day) channels. For MKMG, this cooperation is a large step forward to becoming one of the first Ukrainian companies to be represented in the CTV environment, promising to boost brand awareness and attract new audiences, particularly US/UK viewers.

“In our 13 years’ experience in the field of content production and distribution, we’ve learned to predict the needs of viewers and buyers. Trends are changing, and we need to keep up, therefore we are always looking for new promising partnerships to implement our ideas and launch more captivating projects. Now it’s time to open up new horizons and leverage CTV technologies to multiply our audiences and take MKMG to a new level of development”, — says Olena Shkrobot, director of MKMG.

The key factor of cooperation between MKMG and VlogBox lies in both sides’ high standards of content distribution. As a result, VlogBox will be able to give another boost to its content verticals and offer a number of new channels to its demand partners, enhancing advertising and monetization on both parts.

“Our work with MKMG is another great achievement for us, and we are happy to play a part in creating such diverse and trending channels and enrich our mediahouse. We are ready to share our best tech and marketing practices in the CTV space so that MKMG finds new audiences and discovers new revenue streams. I believe that our collaboration will be a long-lasting affair, bringing numerous advantages to both of us, and that CTV users will appreciate our joint endeavor,” commented Anna McMichael, Partnership Director at VlogBox.

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