Extreme Reach launches Sell-Side ad distribution platform

Monday, June 3rd, 2019
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Extreme Reach Launches AdBridge for Sellers, A New Ad Distribution Platform for Sell-Side Teams and Their Advertising Partners

  • Solution simplifies the complexity caused by today’s fragmented viewership; taps into AI capabilities within VAST tags

NEW YORK — Extreme Reach (ER) today announced the launch of AdBridge™ for Sellers, a solution built to address the challenges faced by programmers and ad operations teams in a content-everywhere world. The viewer expectation of finding content they love on a myriad of screens and platforms has added tremendous complexity to sell-side workflows as teams look to ensure that quality ads align with quality content everywhere it is seen.

AdBridge for Sellers connects the buy and sell sides to simplify the distribution of ad creative to every serving point: OTT, VOD, CTV, Digital and linear TV. The current complexity of this workflow, industry-wide, has prompted many players to begin building their own siloed solutions that essentially act as Operational Walled Gardens that prevent ads from being efficiently distributed and trafficked. This, in turn, creates significant redundancies for brands, agencies, programmers and MVPDs as it multiplies the number of requests for the same creative assets. The multiple hand-offs of those assets that take place between receipt from the buy-side and serving the ad, can result in missed opportunities for all. The buy side misses the chance to get in front of valuable eyeballs and the sell side loses the opportunity to monetize valuable content.

“Fragmentation of audience based on new and innovative video delivery platforms is creating complexity on the sell side as ads need to be positioned everywhere,” said Bunker Sessions, VP Sell-Side Solutions at Extreme Reach. “AdBridge for Sellers is shedding light on these challenges and the friction that exists in campaign execution on the sell-side, and delivering a true solution that ensures the industry can realize the full value of every ad impression.”

VAST Tags Are Key to Simplified Process

Using AI, AdBridge for Sellers taps into the power of VAST tags which enables simplified campaign trafficking and also preserves the original Ad-ID through a maze of sell-side point solutions and Operational Walled Gardens. This is a key differentiator in the sell-side workflow. Unifying inventory across all Dynamic Ad Insertion opportunities allows sellers to serve ads more quickly, almost in real time, into environments that have traditionally been very hard to serve into and to monetize.

“With AdBridge for Sellers, we’re bringing our powerful technology and deep expertise to bear on the serious complexities of asset management on the sell-side,” said Extreme Reach CEO and Co-Founder, Tim Conley. “We must make it easier for publishers and programmers to monetize their premium content across every platform by transforming the most fundamental element of campaign execution—the sourcing, preparing and deployment of the ad assets themselves down the waterfall of parties that need them to launch on time and with precision. AdBridge for Sellers leaves sluggish, legacy processes behind in exchange for a modern solution, leveraging powerful technology.”