Amino Introduces First 100% Digital, High Definition (HD) IPTV Set-Top Box (STB) at NXTcomm08

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008
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New product reduces capital cost and simplifies installation for HD IPTV services

CAMBRIDGE, UK and LAS VEGAS, NV — Amino Communications (LSE: AMO), the world leading IPTV platform supplier, today launched the AmiNET130M, the market’s first 100% digital HD IPTV STB, at the NXTcomm conference in Las Vegas.

With HDMI as the only available method of connection to the TV, the AmiNET130M is cheaper and simpler to install than other HD IPTV STBs. As a result, for any service provider whose primary proposition is HD the AmiNET130M lowers the cost of connecting a customer.

The AmiNET130M acknowledges that TV purchasing trends have shifted significantly towards HD-ready flatscreens, and the product complements the AmiNET130 which supports a full range of traditional TV connectors. The AmiNET130M retains all of the other benefits of it’s sister product, including offering service providers the ability to deliver end-to-end digital HD TV as a multicast or on-demand multi-room video experience. Like the AmiNET130, the AmiNET130M supports MPEG-4, allowing channels and services to reach customers over longer distances or when they have lower bandwidth broadband connections.

In addition, the AmiNET130M is the industry’s smallest all digital, HD MPEG-4 STB, measuring just 4.48 inches wide x 1.37 inches high. Based on the established, award winning Amino design, the AmiNET130M has a sleek and distinctive black extruded case.

“This is another great example of Amino shaping IPTV with an innovative solution that recognises the dynamics of this fast evolving industry,” said Andrew Burke, CEO of Amino Communications.

“The AmiNET130M is a valuable addition to the IPTV market,” said Rory Betteridge, HD Product Manager. “The box specifically addresses the growing segment of the market focused on HD services and flat screen TVs. It’s a less expensive option which offers the same, unparalleled advantages as the AmiNET130 for cutting edge, high quality HD IPTV services.”

“NXTcomm is the perfect venue for us to launch the AmiNET130M to our target audience, the IPTV service providers,” added Rick Sailor, VP Sales Americas. “The event draws industry leaders from around the world who are dedicated to the advancement of converged communications, and Amino is eager to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to the development of enhanced IPTV STBs that connect the consumer to quality HD viewing experiences.”

Top features of the AmiNET130M include the following:

High Definition – The support of HD video offers greater realism and more detailed viewing in large display formats. In addition to HD video, the AmiNET130M also supports HD graphics, offering service operators the ability to display more volume and diversity of content on User Interface screens. The AmiNET130M adds value to the consumer and creates new revenue streams for providers through personalized services such as weather forecasts, stock quotes, or targeted advertising.

MPEG-4 – Decoding technology that allows significantly higher quality video streams at the same bitrate previous standards were capable of or the same quality but using lower bandwidths.

Low Cost Deployment – The AmiNET130M is a cost-effective solution that allows service operators to reduce their costs and therefore expand existing markets and address entirely new markets.

Flexible Platform – The AmiNET130M offers service providers even greater flexibility in how they choose to install services for customers.