Cyfrowy Polsat launches OTT TV via new set-top-box

Monday, July 15th, 2019
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The real revolution in Cyfrowy Polsat! OTT Television with a new EVOBOX STREAM set-top-box – with Internet access from any service provider and flexible selection of packages – without long-term commitments!

A new service is launched today in Cyfrowy Polsat – OTT Television which enables access to television channels via the Internet delivered by any service provider (via Wi-Fi or fixed-line connection). If customers have any Internet access at home, from any service provider, they can now enjoy television from Cyfrowy Polsat – anything they want, with any packages they want and without a fixed monthly access fee, while a set-top-box can be connected via fixed-line or Wi-Fi.

EVOBOX STREAM set-top-box

Flexible programming offer will make it possible to freely combine packages (directly through the set-top-box in the new Store application) and pay only for those which have been selected – 9 packages to choose from, without long-term commitments, a possibility of their activation for 30 days.

All this directly available on a new, dedicated set-top-box – EVOBOX STREAM, which is available in the postpaid option with a contract, as well as in the prepaid option – without a contract.

Along with the set-top-box, for a start the customer will receive a full programming offer of Cyfrowy Polsat – over 100 TV channels (including HBO, Eleven Sports or Polsat Sport Premium) for 3 months for free! On top of that – free-to-air DVB-T channels after connecting the set-top-box to a DVB-T antenna.

No limitations, availability in the entire Poland, flexibility, convenience, high usage comfort, rich content and attractive pricing – this is how a new Internet TV from Cyfrowy Polsat may be summarized.

“We give our customers a new, revolutionary, very flexible access to TV content. If they have any Internet access at home, from any service provider, they can now have our television – anything they want, with any packages they want and without a fixed monthly access fee, while a set-top-box can be connected via fixed-line or Wi-Fi. This is a consistent implementation of our idea: “Television – for everyone. Everywhere. Internet – for everyone. Everywhere. Telephone – for everyone. Everywhere.” says Maciej Stec, Vice-President of the Management Board responsible for strategy at Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel.

Activate packages, whenever you want

For the needs of the new OTT Television service we have created a completely new, more attractive packages. The offer includes 3 basic packages: Convenient, Comfortable, Rich (Wygodny, Komfortowy, Bogaty in Polish) and 6 additional packages (3 Premium packages and 3 thematic packages), including most popular and well known sport, movie or kids channels. Furthermore, thanks to the embedded DVB-T module, after connecting a DVB-T antenna to the set-top-box, free digital terrestrial television channels will be also available, including among others Polsat, TVN, TVP 1, TVP 2, TV 4, TV Puls.

EVOBOX STREAM – rich entertainment content within arm’s reach

EVOBOX STREAM is a fourth new set-top box introduced by Cyfrowy Polsat to the market in the recent months, and at the same time the fifth device of EVOBOX series (after EVOBOX PVR, HD, LTE and IP) and another model manufactured at InterPhone Service plant in Mielec which is a part of Polsat Group. It has state-of-the-art design, intuitive operation and clear menu.

New applications:

  • Mozaika – recommendation of contents from TV schedule and online services,
  • Store – a possibility to purchase packages and events in PPV system directly via the set-top-box while selecting the most convenient form of payment (purchase of packages will be possible after expiry of the 3-month promotional period).

EVOBOX STREAM set-top-box features:

  • embedded Wi-Fi module which ensures mobility, it just needs to be connected to the Internet from any service provider (minimum download speed – 8 Mb/s),
  • embedded DVB-T module enables access to 28 channels of free digital terrestrial television,
  • access to online services:
    • Cyfrowy Polsat GO, that is thousands of on-demand items without any additional fees,
    • HBO GO – a library of cult series and the biggest Hollywood movies.
  • functions which make it possible to watch television on your own terms:
    • reStart – watch the selected programs from linear TV channels from the beginning;
    • TimeShift – pause and rewind the selected programs up to 3 hours (soon);
    • CatchUP – watch selected programs even up to 7 days back from the date of their original broadcast;
  • the software designed by Cyfrowy Polsat, which operates successfully on the EVOBOX LITE set-top-box, in the case of the new set-top box ensures, among others:
    • intuitive and simple operation;
    • easy access to all set-top-box features;
    • rich and readable TV Guide with fast access to CatchUP feature, and an option of alphabetic filtering of content and a possibility of advanced search for programs as well as setting of reminders;
    • a possibility to create a list of your favorite channels,
    • clear descriptions of programs;
    • easy navigation between lists of favorite channels using a blue button on the remote.