MediaTek launches S900 smart TV SoC

Monday, July 8th, 2019
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MediaTek Launches S900 Globally to Power 8K Smart TVs

HSINCHU, Taiwan — MediaTek today launched S900, the company’s latest flagship smart TV SoC supporting 8K resolution and high-speed edge AI computation. Designed to help TV manufacturers create highly competitive flagship products, the integrated S900 combines a high performance CPU, GPU and a dedicated AI processor unit (APU) to support features including AI voice-user interface and picture quality enhancement, enabling the next generation of smart TVs to deliver a vastly improved user experience.

MediaTek’s latest smart TV SoC uses a multi-core CPU comprising ARM Cortex-A73 cores, and a multi-core GPU Mali-G52 that supports 8K video decoding, HDR10+ and external graphics which enable customers to customize their products. For I/O, the S900 platform supports HDMI 2.1A, which offers a maximum bandwidth of 48Gps — enough to deliver HDR10+ content, as well as 4K videos running at 120Hz or 8K videos at 60Hz.

A proprietary APU is embedded in the S900 offers AI Picture Quality (AI PQ). A comprehensive solution comprising AI features such facial and scene recognition, it works in tandem with MediaTek’s AI vision solution to deliver a richer and more interactive smart TV experience to consumers.

Mike Chang, MediaTek Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Smart Home Business Group, said, “As a leading global TV chip designer and a reliable partner of TV manufacturers, MediaTek has the R&D capability and technological expertise to bring together various resources to promote the development of the TV industry. Our NeuroPilot software development kit is fully compatible with Android Neural Networks API, allowing our customers to easily create smart home products that are connected and interoperable with one another. Our support for 8K resolution and AI will not only herald a new era for the TV industry, but will also help our customers quickly bring their smart home products to market and foster a more vibrant AI IoT ecosystem.”

Native 8K Support and AI PQ Offer Incredible Detail

With the combination of MediaTek’s proprietary MiraVision-Pro and AI PQ, the S900 supports AI scene recognition, enabling S900-powered TVs to fundamentally improve picture quality by optimizing color saturation, brightness, sharpness, dynamic motion compensation and picture noise, even for native 8K output.

TVs Join the AI IoT Ecosystem

The S900 platform integrates a variety of AI features, including facial recognition, scene monitoring, voice signature recognition and localized voice assistant. Developers can build apps with the NeuroPilot software development kit (SDK) and enable S900-powered devices to act as smart home control hubs for various smart home products. The support for new modes of interaction — such as voice- and gesture-based controls — allows the S900 to address common consumer pain points associated with using IoT products.

The S900 has already entered mass production, and is expected to reach the consumer market by early 2020.