Verance plans Project OAR support for its watermarking platform

Wednesday, August 7th, 2019
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Verance Adding Project OAR Support to its Aspect Platform

SAN DIEGO, CA — Verance Corporation, an Emmy Award-winning and leading provider of standards-based watermarking, today announced plans to add support for Project OAR (“Open Addressable Ready”) to its Aspect platform.

Project OAR is a multi-industry consortium that was created to establish open standards to deliver better advertising experiences to viewers through the use of dynamic advertising on internet-connected TVs and devices. While the technical specifications of OAR have not been revealed, watermarking technologies are expected to factor into the accurate delivery and decisioning of addressable TV advertising.

The support for Project OAR extends Aspect’s existing support for ATSC watermarking standards that enable delivery of hybrid broadcast-broadband features within both ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 environments. Aspect’s support for both OAR and ATSC will ensure access and interoperability across the two environments.

Aspect watermarking provides broadcast television with critical features for the activation of dynamic ad insertion (DAI) at scale, including:

  • Seamless Precision: Announcement, discovery, insertion and synchronization of ads within all viewing environments, including both live and time-shifted viewing.
  • Superior Performance: Frame-accurate ad synchronization within a single frame with a 100% match rate.
  • 100% Reach: Household-level addressable advertising that can reach 100% of internet-connected TVs and devices across all distribution paths.

Verance Aspect watermarking provides industry-leading performance, compatibility with multiple standards and offers the fastest path to market across all addressable TV applications.

“Project OAR has made remarkable strides in bringing the industry groups together and readying a solution for today’s environment,” said Nil Shah, Chief Executive Officer of Verance. “Addressable advertising is poised to transform the television industry and watermarking will accelerate its benefits.”

Aspect has been in wide commercial trials with broadcasters and TV makers since the issuance of the ATSC watermark standards in 2016. Verance is currently working with leading broadcast equipment vendors to include OAR watermark embedding capabilities into products for implementation later this year.