Spearad launches monetization technology for addressable TV and audio

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019
Spearad logo

Spearad announces its launch and offers a Full Stack Monetization Technology for Addressable TV and Audio

  • Spearad presents its first in class decisioning technology designed to offer a true Addressable TV experience available across all TV and Video distribution channels

FRANKFURT, Germany — Spearad GmbH has been in stealth mode for twelve months and today revealed its full stack solution offering a media asset management system combined with a programmatic market place.

The company is driven by industry veterans Erhard Neumann, Mark Thielen and Ivan Guzenko, who are digital advertising and technology pioneers with extensive experience in running high scale mission critical ad management systems. While Neumann and Thielen co-founded ADTECH AG, which was later acquired by AOL to become its core adserver, Guzenko is a pioneer in the programmatic field having run Smartyads, Inc. for over 7 years.

Advertising revenue is key to broadcasters. TV advertising will shift towards targeted and data driven models, which is already the case on Pay TV and OTT, and now traditional broadcasters are looking to add addressable to their product offering. In addition to this, more and more Advertisers are moving away from purely reach driven TV advertising to addressable, which enables advertisers to target their ideal audience.

Despite the shift to streaming and on demand, viewers prefer to watch on their TVs at home, mimicking the traditional TV experience but with the added benefits streaming provides. While streaming and on demand has the added bonus of allowing viewers to watch on mobile, tablets, and a wide range of connected devices, over 100 million viewers will watch this content through their smart TVs at home.

Spearad CEO Erhard Neumann: “While the industry is in its growth phase with the number of addressable TV offerings exploding, advertising is still treated like Internet video ads. We need to get past that simple Preroll / Postroll thinking towards real adbreaks consisting of several spots that are based on extensive rule sets. Just like we are used to from linear TV”.