TVEkstra and ICAREUS power Addressable TV advertising in Turkey

Thursday, October 24th, 2019

TVEkstra and ICAREUS to offer Addressable TV advertising on Turkuvaz Media, Ciner Media Group and TV8 channels in Turkey

HELSINKI — Icareus and TVEkstra have agreed with Turkuvaz Media, Ciner Media Group and TV8 channels to offer addressable TV advertising formats to advertisers on all their main channels. The formats are available to over 3 million unique HbbTV enabled Smart TVs.

TVEkstra is the leading addressable TV adhouse who manages all technical, commercial and operational processes for addressable TV market and the exclusive addressable TV partner for Turkuvaz Media, Ciner Media Group and TV8. They work closely with media agencies and advertisers to find the best media mix to achieve advertisers’ goals in both reach and targeting. TVEkstra has also 17 regional and local dealers around Turkey working with local SMEs to introduce addressable TV media.

“We are thrilled to work with these innovative broadcasters to drive the addressable TV adoption in the Turkish market. We have already witnessed the potential with our advertisers, both national and local. With Icareus technological backing we can continue to innovate and bring new advanced TV formats to Turkey”, tells Merve Eraslanoğlu, Managing Director of TVEkstra.

Icareus provides its Addressable TV solution to create, manage, run and analyse the effectiveness of the campaigns. It offers a wide variety of ad formats such as SwitchIn, ActiveAd and VideoSwap, ranging from simple display ads to real-time TV Spot replacement with personalised online video ads. ActiveAd is a unique format that turns TV spots interactive and enables advertisers to have a real-time dialog with their customers.

“TVEkstra has an excellent position to bring new advertisers to TV as well as to help Turkish broadcasters to increase their ad revenues significantly. They have already proved that addressable TV adds value to all involved parties. Icareus will continue to support and innovate with the Turkish market. Signing these leading broadcasters to our addressable TV platform is a testament to our extensive Addressable TV solution” said Mr Mikko Karppinen, Icareus Director.

Icareus Suite TV and Online Video Cloud offers the possibility to extend ad campaigns on micro sites, long form videos, contact detail collection tools and other call-to-actions. All are created and managed with an intuitive web interface. Additionally, broadcasters can use a wide variety of Icareus HbbTV Applications bundled with Icareus Suite TV & Online video cloud, such as TV app portals, EPGs, video-on-demand, news and weather. Integrations to audience measurement platforms ensure that viewing metrics are taken into account from all aspects.