Edgeware and ENENSYS form alliance

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

Edgeware & ENENSYS Technologies Form Product & Sales Alliance

  • Broadband fixed line and mobile operators to benefit from a truly unique media delivery portfolio for next-gen CDNs

STOCKHOLM, Sweden & RENNES, France — Edgeware & ENENSYS Technologies (‘ENENSYS’) announced today that the two companies are forming a technological and global sales alliance. Edgeware, the leading provider of content preparation, unicast CDN and streaming solutions for broadband operators, and ENENSYS, the leading provider of Multicast ABR and LTE Broadcast media streaming solutions to network operators, will cooperate on key opportunities which leverage the strengths of each in their respective markets.

Edgeware has deployed over 200 private unicast CDNs globally and continues to innovate in the area of internet TV delivery, which requires unicast (one to one) streaming technology. ENENSYS has been a leader in the deployment of 4G/5G Broadcast and OTT Multicast solutions for mobile operators globally, leveraging the multicast capabilities of their private networks. Together, the two companies can offer a truly unique media delivery portfolio – to both the broadband fixed line and mobile operator markets.

Andy Hooper, VP Strategic Alliances at Edgeware, said, “The respective strengths of each organization resonate strongly in the customer base of the other, and we see immediate opportunities in a number of markets thanks to this collaboration, including so called ‘multicast ABR’ for broadband network operators in our fixed-line customer base. With the fast roll out of 5G and Fixed Wireless Access networks, a video distribution solution including broadcast, multicast capabilities complementing unicast is increasingly important. Our customers will benefit from the same technology already proven for global mobile operators being pre-integrated with their Edgeware CDN to provide compelling new ways for content to be delivered. We’ve already started working on key lead opportunities.”

Claude Seyrat, VP Telecom Market at ENENSYS, said, “Edgeware proposes one of the most deployed in-house CDN and IPTV solutions. By joining forces, we are providing the most comprehensive solution for next-gen CDNs: one that can scale smoothly for millions of simultaneous users and still provide broadcast-level quality to viewers. We can do it together on any network!”