TiVo chooses SpotX for monetization of CTV ad inventory

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019
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TiVo Chooses SpotX for Monetization of Ad-Supported CTV Inventory on TiVo+ and Beyond

NEW YORK — TiVo (NASDAQ: TIVO), the company that brings entertainment together to make it easy for consumers to find, watch, and enjoy, today announced a new partnership with SpotX, the leading global video advertising and monetization platform, to power the monetization of TiVo+ and TiVo’s connected TV (CTV) inventory across its entire footprint. As TiVo’s first-to-market supply-side platform (SSP), SpotX will help programmatically manage, sell, and optimize TiVo’s video ad inventory for maximum returns. SpotX’s demand facilitation services will also connect advertisers to TiVo’s inventory running on its TiVo+ and CTV platforms, further increasing demand sources and driving revenue.

“At TiVo, we are committed to providing premium Connected TV (CTV) advertising offerings for media buyers. Our best-in-class user experience, highly engaged viewers and insights from audience data offer a unique opportunity for advertisers and TiVo+ content partners to effectively communicate their marketing messages within TiVo’s premium environment,” said Walt Horstman, SVP and GM of Data and Advertising at TiVo. “We chose SpotX as our SSP because they are proven industry leaders in the rapidly growing CTV advertising ecosystem with unique expertise in the market.”

TiVo+ offers thousands of movies and TV shows, including live content and linear channels via a wide range of content creators. The free, ad-supported streaming service is currently available to select TiVo device owners with a footprint growing through 2020 across the media landscape. The new CTV ad products include pre-roll DVR that allows advertisers to place their messages in the context of the most premium linear programming: prime-time broadcast; and CTV ad units within a diverse set of AVOD streaming services.

“We see hardware and software platforms as the next important player within the advertising ecosystem because they aggregate audiences, retain a big chunk of the inventory pie, and hold proprietary audience data which is highly coveted,” said Geoff Spence, RVP of platform at SpotX. “The growth of free, ad-supported, streaming TV services and changes in viewership has positioned TiVo as a formidable player in the marketplace by offering advertisers new ways they can reach a premium audience. We are thrilled to offer our technology, services, and expertise to TiVo and look forward to driving more demand its way.

TiVo boasts a global footprint of 168 million homes inclusive of both its retail boxes and software technology.