Waypoint TV selects Wurl video distribution and monetization services

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020
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Waypoint TV Taps Wurl’s Video Distribution and Monetization Services to Deliver its Network to New Platforms

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Wurl, the leading provider of streaming video distribution and advertising services for connected TV (CTV), today announced that it is powering the delivery of Waypoint TV, a go-to destination for fishing, hunting and outdoor enthusiasts, to Samsung TV Plus.

By joining the Wurl Network, Waypoint is making its more than 1,000 hours of fishing and hunting shows and films from over 70 top producers more accessible to its community of millions of viewers. Leveraging Wurl’s video distribution expertise, Waypoint’s extensive catalog of 3,000+ full-length episodes and films including BuckCommander, Chasing November, Flats Class, Into the Blue, Local Knowledge, Midwest Whitetail, Saltwater Experience, The Breaking Point, Silver Kings, Team200 and Struttinbuck are now available to Samsung TV Plus users, with plans to expand to additional OTT streaming platforms and add hundreds of new episodes each month from its rapidly growing library in the future.

For the operations team at Waypoint TV, one of the strongest value-adds of Wurl’s distribution and monetization capabilities is minimizing the initial pain points of connecting with a new platform.

“In bringing our network onto Samsung TV Plus, we were looking to streamline the process of scheduling content and monetizing our channel,” said Builder Brock, Executive Director at Waypoint TV. “Our mission is to educate, equip and empower a new generation of outdoorsmen, and Wurl’s best-in-class video distribution technology is helping us achieve it. They are a valuable partner for us, and the quality of service and expertise of their content operations team is unmatched.”

“Streaming TV networks want broad distribution, but it is difficult and expensive to manage the unique technology required by each CTV streaming service. Wurl’s network removes these challenges by providing a single on-ramp that connects to everything,” said Sean Doherty, CEO of Wurl. “I am thrilled that Waypoint TV is joining the Wurl Network.”