Valassis launches Connected TV ad solution

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020
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Valassis Launches Connected TV Solution to Engage Modern TV Consumers

  • Valassis CTV Offers Personalized, Measurable Advertising With Greater Efficiency

LIVONIA, Mich. — Valassis, the leader in marketing technology and consumer engagement, today announced a new Connected TV (CTV) solution to help brands engage the modern streaming TV audience by interests, in-market signals and location. With Valassis CTV, brands are able to uniquely serve and measure their ads to drive the ideal consumer to the nearest store.

Valassis CTV allows brands to target the right audience more effectively than traditional TV with complete transparency. Advertisers can choose the package of publishers that best fits their needs, and then see detailed information on completed ads – including the time of day each ran, type of device and performance metrics. Additional benefits and features of the new solution include:

  • TV’s impact with digital precision: Leverage the Valassis Consumer GraphTM and target the right audience with first-party data including, interests, in-market signals and location activity.
  • Premium, trusted inventory: Deliver across brand-safe devices, apps and networks, including Roku, Apple TV, DirecTV, Discovery Channel, CBS, FOX and more.
  • Transparent, measurable audience insights: Understand advertising impact with in-depth insights and measurement that prove success, including foot traffic impact studies.

“This is an exciting opportunity for brands to effectively engage with target audiences, but not all CTV is created equal,” said Jay Webster, executive senior vice president, product & engineering, Valassis. “Valassis is bringing its deep understanding of the consumer to CTV with a new level of transparency that this segment has not yet seen. With Valassis CTV, we are leveling the playing field with traditional TV in terms of measurement and unique insights to inform future campaigns.”

Traditional TV ad spending is declining, and advertisers are vying to capture a shifting population

With 70% of consumers using at least one streaming TV service, advertising on CTV presents a big opportunity for brands. Additionally, recent Valassis research, found that almost half (49%) of consumers perceive ads on streaming TV as more relevant than traditional TV. As time spent with CTV and over-the-top devices rapidly grows, the opportunity for personalized, measurable advertising follows.