Vidaa partners with OTTera to integrate long tail OTT services

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020
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Vidaa and OTTera’s Streaming Video Service Join Power on Hisense Smart TVs with Vidaa Platform

LOS ANGELES — Consumer electronics company Hisense and their subsidiary Vidaa have chosen OTTera, the white label OTT streaming video service, to onboard onto the Hisense VIDAA platform. Vidaa will work with OTTera to integrate long tail providers and utilize OTTera’s simple-to-use integration and already integrated advertising solution for a speedier onboarding to its platform.

“Hisense and Vidaa have been very aggressive since their entry into the connected TV space, and as an early partner, we are very happy to be a continued part of the story in bringing new and exciting OTT services to the Vidaa platform,” said Stephen L. Hodge, Chairman and co-C.E.O., OTTera Inc.

OTTera operates a professional white label service with which content owners and creators can rapidly share their programming with worldwide audiences, courtesy of a robust development platform and customized interface and branding.

“Providing users with access to the best free content locally in every market and from all over the world is one of the key goals of our platform. Partnering with OTTera is definitely an upgrade in the way free content is delivered to different customers,” says Guy Edri, EVP of Business Development for Hisense’s Vidaa platform. “The variety of the content, from movies to children’s animation, provided by OTTera, is a great addition to our platform and will be a great benefit to consumers,” added Edri.

Monetization opportunities, business development and innovative features such as social media and gaming are also available with the OTTera service.

With over 25+ million users worldwide across their services, ranging from niche film libraries to children’s animation, OTTera is an important partner for premium video streaming on Hisense’s affordable and quality televisions.

In addition to OTTera’s service for Smart TVs, the company offers cross-platform development for iOS, Android, Roku, and many others.