COSMOTE TV deploys private CDN with Synamedia

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020
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COSMOTE TV’s new streaming service uses Synamedia’s private CDN

LONDON — OTE Group’s pay-TV platform COSMOTE TV, the market leader in Greece, has gone live with Synamedia’s Media Streamer CDN platform for its new streaming service.

Synamedia’s virtualized Media Streamer platform is deployed on a distributed private cloud architecture, providing high-performance edge caching and streaming through a network of servers deployed locally across cities throughout Greece. The CDN is managed by OTE.

Media Streamer is a cost-effective private CDN platform with the flexibility to start small yet scale massively to distribute terabits per second (Tbps) of live, on-demand, and time-shifted video without compromising bandwidth or latency. This was important as COSMOTE TV streams exclusive live sports events in 4K and needs to maintain a high-quality viewing experience even during peak periods.

Media Streamer’s intuitive dashboards displaying real-time analytics on consumer data and network operations help COSMOTE TV react promptly to any customer service issues.

The COSMOTE TV streaming service includes live and on-demand content and selected sports programming in 4K for the first time in Greece. Subscribers have access to multi-screen content across 70 digital channels – including 16 premium COSMOTE sport, cinema and history channels. The service features personalized recommendations based on viewing behavior and preferences to ensure viewers can always find something to watch, helping to boost engagement.

Synamedia Media Streamer is a private CDN platform that gives service providers far greater control over their service quality, costs and operations than is possible with a public CDN. Scaling smoothly to support high-demand, appointment-to-view programs, it offers service providers a cost-effective, open platform for streaming live, VOD, time-shifted TV and Cloud DVR Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) video. Media Streamer is available as a managed service or can be run and managed on-premise by the service provider. Building on more than 10 years of CDN expertise, Synamedia’s CDN solutions are trusted by over 30 service providers worldwide to deliver high quality first screen TV and Internet OTT video.

Julien Signes, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Video Network at Synamedia, said, “As the pay-TV market leader in Greece with ambitions to live stream a growing number of 4K sports content, OTE needed a CDN platform with terabit per second scalability. The virtualised Media Streamer deployment allows OTE to offer subscribers the ultimate appointment-to-view experience even during peak periods; and with detailed analytics on the state of the network, OTE can really boost operational efficiencies.”

Synamedia’s video network portfolio powers premium quality broadcast and broadband video for more than 1,000 operators worldwide and 100 million daily viewers. Its video distribution, processing and delivery services and solutions create compelling live multi-screen experiences, enable software-defined video processing and unify operations. The award-winning portfolio also touts a cloud-ready, converged broadcast and broadband end-to-end ATSC 3.0 offering and low latency solutions for live video. Its virtualized Digital Content Manager (DCM) features live transcoding to multiple bit rates and formats, scalable video functions, and best-in-class video quality all aimed to deliver infinite entertainment.