Vewd brings the full broadcast experience to Smart TVs

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 
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Vewd Broadcast Plus Seamlessly Blends Vewd’S Emmy® Award-Winning Products To Give Smart Tv Oems Enhanced Features And Fast Time To Market

OSLO, Norway — Vewd, the leading provider of OTT and Hybrid TV software solutions, today launched Broadcast Plus, a solution that offers smart TV manufacturers an easy-to-deploy, certification-ready broadcaster user experience for both live TV and on-demand content.

Broadcast Plus provides the necessary user experience components for live TV including an EPG that merges live, OTT, and catch-up content, a Zapper/live TV user experience, and a portal for broadcaster catchup and other on-demand content. Built on Vewd Core, the industry’s most-deployed HTML5 SDK, Broadcast Plus extends the TV experience alongside Vewd’s hybrid TV modules. Support for the differing TV standards and certifications is built-in for a variety of international markets, such as Freeview Play™ in the UK.

Broadcast Plus solves a critical need for smart TV manufacturers to ship a modern, fully integrated broadcaster experience in hybrid TV markets. Broadcast Plus:

  • extends Android TV and Linux-based TVs with an easy to use broadcaster experience
  • offers pre-certified and integrated hybrid TV user experience modules for major regional markets
  • integrates Vewd Core to comply with global hybrid TV standards (HbbTV, ATSC 3.0, etc.)
  • features powerful customization tools to create a fully branded experience
  • is pre-integrated with tuner and broadcast middleware on all relevant TV chipsets
  • reduces time-to-market while accelerating OEM product roadmaps

“Broadcast Plus changes the game for smart TV manufacturers wishing to deliver a broadcaster-compliant TV experience for hybrid markets around the world,” said Sascha Prüter, Chief Product Officer, Vewd. “With consumers craving more TV content on their terms, broadcasters must continuously evolve and harness multiple channels of delivery from Live TV to Hybrid TV to pure OTT. While building this product, our goal was to ensure we bring all of these modes of consumption into a seamless, yet flexible user experience that adapts to various regional requirements. Manufacturers can now leverage Vewd’s unrivaled product portfolio and vast deployment expertise in one reliable, integrated solution.”

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