Vewd and AirConsole bring casual gaming to the TV

Tuesday, May 31st, 2022 
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Vewd and AirConsole Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Casual Gaming to the TV

  • Integration Between Vewd’s Content Offering and AirConsole Speeds Up the Deployment of Casual Gaming Services for TV Service Providers

OSLO, Norway — Vewd, the leading provider of OTT software solutions, and AirConsole, a cloud-based video game console developed by Zurich-based startup N-Dream, today announced a strategic partnership that simplifies the distribution of casual gaming services in the TV market. AirConsole’s gaming system offers seamless integration with Vewd’s content offering, enabling pay-TV operators, smart TV device manufacturers, and in-vehicle infotainment system vendors to quickly add gaming services to their user experience (UX). The low-cost, ready-to-go cloud-based solution has recently been deployed by Evoca, an innovative NextGen TV service in the U.S.

“As TV service providers look for additional ways to enhance their content offerings, casual gaming has become an increasingly popular option,” said Anthony Cliquot, Chief Operating Officer, leading the development of strategic partnerships at AirConsole. “Integrating our multiplayer gaming system with Vewd’s content offering allows providers to enrich their TV service, attract hard-to-reach Generation Y and Z audiences and create a multi-generational quality time for their users, without making a significant investment in servers or needing to deploy additional hardware.”

Vewd’s content platforms — Vewd OS for smart TV, Vewd OpX for pay TV, and the Vewd for Automotive in-vehicle entertainment solution — now have in-built support for AirConsole casual gaming on both Android and Linux. With the joint solution, TV service providers can easily create a dedicated gaming section in their UX or expand upon existing gaming capabilities. No additional hardware is required to launch the gaming services, as the solution uses subscribers’ smartphones as the controller. With the solution, TV service providers have immediate access to a gaming solution and can grow their average revenue per user.

In addition, Vewd offers ready-to-go packages of global, regional, and niche entertainment apps from its extensive list of content partners. These apps and their associated APIs and promotional assets are pre-integrated into Vewd’s TV platforms, instantly extending the range of content that Vewd’s customers can offer to their viewers and subscribers.

AirConsole’s new players can take advantage of the platform’s freemium starter pack, which offers a selection of free games every week. The full catalog offers more than 180 games to satisfy all audiences: from racing games aficionados, to sports and quiz lovers, and more.

“The casual gaming market is forecast to reach more than $23 billion in revenue by 2026, and we are excited to lead the charge in helping customers launch these revenue-enhancing services,” said Amanda Oleson, Vice President of Content Partnerships at Vewd. “AirConsole is a leading gaming platform for the pay-TV market with over a million monthly active players. Their cloud-based approach to gaming perfectly complements our software, bringing cutting-edge, modern entertainment experiences to subscribers in a simple, affordable way.”

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