Eastlink transforms TV viewing experience with TiVo

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020
Eastlink logo

Eastlink transforms the TV viewing experience with simplified and highly personalized access to video content powered by TiVo

HALIFAX, NS — Eastlink announced today that its customers now have access to a transformative TV viewing experience powered by TiVo.

“We are so excited about the launch of our new TV experience,” said Deborah Shaffner, CEO Eastlink. “While these past several months have been challenging for so many of us, they have also made clear the value of a simplified TV experience that makes it easy to find what you want to watch from literally thousands of options. We are confident that this is something our customers are going to love.”

TiVo removes the frustration of constantly searching for what to watch. It’s as easy as saying the name of a show, an actor or even a line from a movie!

“I’ve been using it myself and love that with just a simple voice command, it can find content on live TV, in one of our tens of thousands of on-demand titles, on a recording or even on Netflix and Amazon Prime,” shared Ms. Shaffner. “I was also able to discover new content as it intuitively learns what you like to watch, makes recommendations, and proactively records it for you.”

In addition, Eastlink’s TiVo experience also features a Remote Finder button, a handy tool when the remote goes missing – a common and frequent occurrence in most homes.

“Eastlink offers a great service to its customers and we’re pleased to have been selected to enhance this further by sharing the TiVo’s award winning user experience with Eastlink’s audience. Eastlink customers will now be able to find, watch and enjoy their entertainment in one easy-to-use experience” said Matt Milne, chief revenue officer, TiVo.

TiVo is the latest example of Eastlink’s continued focus on personalizing and transforming the video experience following the introduction of Eastlink TV Channel Exchange a few years ago, which allows customers the unique ability to swap channels in and out of their TV package.