On Addressability playbook launched

Monday, September 14th, 2020
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On Addressability’s Founding Members Release Comprehensive Playbook to Drive Scale and Adoption of Addressable TV Advertising

  • Comcast Advertising, Cox Media and Spectrum Reach Share Collective Insights on Enabling and Utilizing Addressable TV Campaigns to Help Advertisers, Programmers and Other Distributors Accelerate Addressable TV Efforts

NEW YORK — Today, the founding members of On Addressability – Charter’s Spectrum Reach, Comcast Advertising and Cox Media – announced the launch of the On Addressability playbook to help the television industry “turn on” addressability. It is designed as a guide for the industry, providing explanations of terminology, suggested best practices and shared learnings for enabling addressable advertising TV campaigns. Its content should help other distributors, programmers, advertisers, and agencies by providing useful insight to any companies whose businesses touch addressable TV advertising in some way.

On Addressability is an initiative founded in June 2019 with the goal of maximizing television’s impact and value as a marketing platform. The playbook and supporting website, support the initiative’s overarching belief that enabling scalable, addressable TV advertising is foundational to its continued growth and relevancy to marketers. This includes the use of aggregated data, targeting, measurement and attribution consistent with a company’s own commitments to privacy.

“Since the launch of On Addressability, we’ve been talking with major programmers and distributors to help marketers incorporate addressability into their TV strategies to drive better results. Despite this progress, however, there are still challenges for both buyers and sellers alike. That was the impetus for the playbook,” said Marcien Jenckes, President, Comcast Advertising. “The timing could not be better. In the current environment, advertisers are ready to pivot, and we need to be ready, too. The technology is there. Now we just need to bring advertisers a more scalable and consistent offering – and do it quickly.”

On Addressability/A Playbook for “Turning On” Addressable TV Advertising features:

  • An ecosystem overview, as well as common definitions and standards for Addressable TV advertising and its supporting components
  • A step-by-step technical guide for programmers and distributors to launch addressability within their environments
  • A Buyer’s Guide to Addressable TV advertising, including strategies for incorporating addressability into media strategies to drive specific advertising objectives
  • A Seller’s Guide to Addressable TV, offering shared learnings on executing addressable TV campaigns for marketers with scalable and easy-to-use solutions.

“To maximize the value that television brings to marketers as a full-funnel solution, we must ensure that addressability rolls out in a secure, simple, and scalable way,” said David Kline, Executive Vice President, Charter Communications and President, Spectrum Reach. “This will take the commitment of the entire television advertising ecosystem. As a frontline distributor of addressable solutions, Spectrum Reach is eager to work with our partners Comcast and Cox to share our thinking and learnings and help accelerate this process.”

While the playbook is one of the most comprehensive guides available on this topic, given the rapid pace of change in both consumer and advertising technologies, it is meant to be a living document. The playbook will live on www.onaddressability.com, a content hub for the industry offering information, commentary and thought leadership on the addressable TV space. On Addressability’s stakeholders will add content on an ongoing basis and invite others in the industry to share their insight and learnings.

“The interest in data-driven, audience-based TV advertising strategies from both media buyers and TV sellers has never been stronger, and we face a set of common challenges to realize our full potential,” said Louis Gump, senior vice president, Cox Media. “The fastest way to clear these hurdles is to work together as an industry to determine best practices, improve processes, and share strategies for success. On Addressability is helping the industry move toward these goals, and the playbook is one tangible example of these efforts.”