Vewd unifies linear and OTT in a UX for pay TV operators

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020
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Vewd OpX Unites Linear and OTT in a Feature-Rich Pay TV Solution

  • Cloud-Managed. Cross-Platform. Content-Ready. Meet The New Operator Experience From Vewd

OSLO, Norway — Vewd, the leading provider of OTT solutions globally, today introduced Vewd OpX (Operator Experience), a cloud-managed set-top box experience integrating pay TV services with aggregated OTT content. Available for Linux, Android TV, Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and Reference Design Kit (RDK), Vewd OpX enables operators to deliver any TV content within a single unified user experience. Customer shipments of Vewd OpX will begin in Q1 2021.

Vewd OpX supports customer acquisition and retention by aggregating linear, on-demand, apps, games, and more with an intuitive, forward-looking experience. By easing content discovery and consumption, Vewd OpX improves customer satisfaction and reduces churn.

More than simply a user experience, Vewd OpX fully supports operator business needs through:

  • instant access to key regional apps and a vast catalog of deployment-ready OTT content that sustains engagement with the pay TV experience
  • deep analytics to support audience targeting and insights, along with other cloud services such as performance measurement and device management
  • comprehensive customization options beyond look and feel to include content promotions and offers, all configured in the cloud
  • seamless integration with service delivery platforms and set-top box middlewares of all kinds
  • flexible deployment on any OS and chipset, scaling from an operator’s legacy and current boxes to future devices, including streaming media players.

Vewd OpX is based on the same technology that powers Vewd OS, Vewd’s own customizable, consumer-grade, silicon-to-content software platform for Smart TVs. This common platform ensures high levels of reusability, robustness, compatibility with all major silicon platforms, and readiness to support Pay TV services across all connected TV devices.

“Today’s consumers fluidly mix linear TV and OTT viewing, challenging operators to enable both in a consistent and easy-to-use way,” said Aneesh Rajaram, CEO, Vewd. “Vewd OpX delivers a unified user experience that meets modern subscriber demands, but also provides operators with a common framework to scale their service beyond set-top boxes and onto modern consumer hardware such as streaming dongles. By reimagining the Pay TV experience with Vewd OpX, operators can delight their customers, improve retention, and accelerate revenue growth.”

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