Altice's a4 deploys CommScope video advertising solution

Thursday, May 13th, 2021
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CommScope Deploys Video Advertising Solutions Across a4’s Video Footprint

  • CommScope’s Emmy® Award-winning Video Advertising Portfolio enables targeted advertising to a4’s existing set-top box and next-generation IP video infrastructure

HICKORY, N.C. — CommScope announced today that a4, the advanced advertising arm of Altice USA, has deployed its Video Advertising Solutions to deliver geographic and addressable advertising across a4’s video footprint, including both QAM-based and IP video services.

“We selected CommScope Advertising Solutions to improve the quality and effectiveness of our customers’ ad experiences on our existing set-top video system, as well as our next-generation IP video platform,” said Stephen Douglas, Director of Sales Operations at a4. “By leveraging the CommScope MDC Manifest Manipulation capabilities, we are able to enhance our subscribers’ experience and increase the value of our ad inventory. Additionally, the SkyVision XMS solution ensures our operational efficiency, scalability, and performance in providing our subscribers with relevant, consistent, and seamless ad experiences.”

“a4’s strategic deployment of our Emmy®Award-winning CommScope Video Advertising Solutions speaks to our deep relationship with one of the nation’s largest service providers,” said Morgan Kurk, senior vice president and segment leader, Broadband Networks, CommScope. “a4’s selection of the CommScope Video Advertising portfolio highlights our ability to generate advertising revenue from all of the end user platforms service providers support—helping them align their services with the ever-changing patterns in content consumption and video delivery.”

a4 selected the CommScope Manifest Delivery Controller (MDC) to insert addressable ads into its IP video service. The MDC video manifest manipulator offers a versatile, resilient, and scalable platform for delivering Server-Side Dynamic Ad Insertion, video personalization, and analytics for IP Video. It supports live, video-on-demand, and time-shifted TV services running on HLS and DASH delivery formats. Field-proven to scale to millions of subscribers, MDC offers a flexible software platform with built-in automation that speeds time-to-market for new advertising services.

a4 has also deployed the CommScope SkyVision Back Office and XMS Ad Insertion Servers, the market-leading solution for linear ad insertion over traditional video systems. SkyVision and XMS provide a4 with scalable and reliable advertising operations and efficient workflow management to insert targeted ads across Optimum set-tops.

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