RMB displays personalised ads during Euro 2020 with Smart AdServer

Tuesday, July 13th, 2021 
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Targeted advertising on linear TV: RMB and Smart AdServer display personalised ads during live Euro 2020 games

Régie Média Belge (RMB) – Belgian multi-media advertising network – relied on the proprietary solution of Smart AdServer – the leading independent ad monetisation platform – to activate linear TV ad replacement on live streams on desktop and mobile app (iOS & Android) for the first time during Euro 2020 ad breaks. The adtech’s advanced TV solution for Live OTT ad break management and ad-decisioning has enabled RTBF (Belgian public TV broadcaster) and RMB to display personalised ads on their OTT platform AUVIO to more than 100,000 viewers, in real-time.

Live sports streaming is seeing an exceptional rise in viewership on desktop and mobile devices. With the migration of audiences to digital platforms, the opportunity for targeted and addressable dynamic ad insertion has caught the attention of marketers around the world. In this context, Smart AdServer has developed a comprehensive system for broadcasters, operators, and brands to take advantage of this opportunity at scale.

During the month-long Euro 2020 tournament, RMB has been able to seamlessly personalise each viewer’s stream during live game broadcasts on the AUVIO platform. AUVIO is the live video streaming and video on demand platform of the RTBF that makes use of Smart’s proprietary live ad decisioning solution.

“Euro 2020 was the ideal occasion to raise our partnership with Smart to the next level. With the co-development of tailored solutions on live-streams, we are able to bring together the brand, the media context and the audience at a moment of high engagement”, explains Valérie Janssens – Development Director at RMB. “The ability to deliver on this promise in the AUVIO Live environment is the result of an incredible collaboration between our teams and partners.The feat is not only a technical and operational achievement, as advertisers now understand the value of reaching consumers through high-impact live events on the platform of their choice.”

Smart handled requests for over 12 million ads over the course of the tournament, and scaled programmatic delivery to more than 100,000 concurrent viewers per match, far surpassing the initial goal.

“Because of the unscheduled break patterns and the complexities of serving to a surge of viewers who tune in for an event stream on any given day – live sports have remained one of the most difficult formats for programmatic DAI (dynamic ad insertion)”, adds Gerald Sauvageon – VP Sales Video / Addressable TV at Smart. We are particularly proud to support RMB’s, RTBF’s and AUVIO’s teams in delivering this project of addressable television and video campaigns.”

Smart continues to evolve its capabilities for live and on-demand Connected TV and addressable ad decisioning with partners around the world. As more content and audiences migrate to digital platforms, the company is poised to help broadcasters, operators, brands, and agencies capitalise on this rapidly accelerating change in the media landscape.

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