Extreme Reach and BrightLine power interactive personalized ads for CTV

Wednesday, August 18th, 2021 
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Extreme Reach Partners with BrightLine, Powering Interactive Personalized Advertising for the CTV Landscape

  • Partnership simplifies the activation of CTV/OTT plans within omni-channel campaigns by eliminating widespread pain points of sourcing and preparing creative

NEW YORK — Extreme Reach (ER), the global advertising, analytics and rights management platform built for all forms of TV and streaming video, today announced it has formed a partnership with BrightLine to create frictionless workflows as brands race to leverage the new personalized, interactive advertising and advanced ad formats in CTV/OTT environments. The partnership leverages both companies’ strengths — BrightLine’s deep expertise and industry-leading CTV ad technology that provides a wide distribution of engaging experiences for omnichannel campaigns and ER’s leadership in brand creative management and integrated workflow through their fast-growing independent ad server.

“BrightLine is the originator and leader in interactive CTV ads and, like ER, built their solution in partnership with the sell-side in order to best serve the buy-side,” said Tim Conley, ER’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Extreme Reach is well known for being the leading steward of creative assets for global brands and the most trusted source of assets for the sell-side, both linear and digital. Under the radar, we’ve become the fastest growing independent video ad server, with 10x growth in volume over the last three years. Rather than build yet another proprietary interactive creative solution, we believe providing scalable and seamless advanced creative solutions through this BrightLine partnership is the fastest way to bring more value to the world’s best brands.”

BrightLine customers include leading OTT providers, such as Hulu, Peacock, Discovery+ and more. Extreme Reach’s client base includes 93 of the top 100 US advertisers and 86 of the top 100 global brand advertisers. The unified workflow between the two companies provides advertisers working with Extreme Reach access to a streamlined process for pushing interactive CTV ad experiences live on screens. BrightLine’s entire publisher roster benefits from exposure to even more leading brands for advertising opportunities.

“Extreme Reach’s central position as the largest portal for sourcing and managing brand creative assets was a very compelling reason to enter into this partnership,” said Robert Aksman, President and Co-Founder of BrightLine. “Their deep expertise in creative logistics, activation workflow and rights management for global brands is extremely complementary to our offering for premium publishers, making it even easier and streamlined for brands to execute at scale.”

The partnership comes at the perfect moment. CTV ad spend in the US is expected to grow to $11.4 billion in 2021, according to a conservative estimate by eMarketer. And according to Aksman, BrightLine is seeing programmatic demand for interactive CTV ads surge 4x to date in 2021, due to agency demand combined with a growing supply.

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