Mediasmart launches Audience Targeting & Household Sync technology on CTV

Friday, October 23rd, 2020 
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Affle’s Mediasmart Platform launches its proprietary Audience Targeting and Household Sync technology on Connected TV (CTV)

mediasmart, Affle’s self-serve mobile programmatic platform, today announced the launch of its Audience Targeting & Household Sync technology on Connected TV (CTV). Though programmatic CTV ads have been available on mediasmart for sometime, this new technology now enables brands to make CTV ads more engaging by syncing CTV ad campaigns with ads on other connected devices in the same household. They can thus make their CTV ads significantly more relevant by personalizing them for specific audiences within the household. This thus brings together the twin strengths of (a) engaging storytelling associated with TV & CTV advertising and (b) targeting and engagement associated with Programmatic & Digital advertising.

Commenting on this significant new launch, Noelia Amoedo, CEO of mediasmart said “Programmatic ad spend on video is projected to go from 10% to 50% by 2021 with CTV expected to be over 15% of that spend. Consumption of content on CTV is growing dramatically across the world as consumers are increasingly becoming cord cutters and preferring CTV over traditional linear TV experiences. Brands too are fast evolving and are increasingly making CTV an integral part of their communication plans. Our advanced CTV solution will empower brands to take advantage of all the benefits of mobile programmatic advertising on big screens and at scale, thus allowing them to engage with relevant consumers across connected devices.”

Guillermo Fernandez Sanz, CTO of mediasmart further added “This technology has been in development for a while and its launch is a very significant milestone for our team. With our privacy by design approach, the key challenge for us was to ensure that we could build advanced algorithms to bring value to our advertisers – allowing brands to serve relevant ads to users across connected devices in the same household – while protecting user privacy.”

With mediasmart’s supercharged CTV offering, clients can launch their CTV campaigns to a specific audience in the same household, measure results and even drive them to the nearest store. This solution offers advertisers the ability to:

  • Household Sync: Increase brand impact by syncing ads on CTV with ads on other devices in the household.
  • High premium viewable inventory: Target apps and streamed video on Smart TVs, OTT devices or game consoles.
  • Cross-screen Audiences: Take advantage of combining CTV ads with audiences basis demographic, interest or location – and either 1st or 3rd party data. For example, impact on TV households where there is at least one student (using a location-based audience around universities).
  • Tracking & measurement: Measure both online conversions and incremental footfall and optimize results.
  • Real time Insights: Quantify your TV ads with more than 25 dedicated KPIs in real-time. Know where and when you buy impressions. Measure revenue and profitability in a way that is impossible in traditional TV.