Foxxum partners with CVTE for Foxxum OS 4

Tuesday, March 7th, 2023 
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Foxxum Partners With CVTE For Foxxum OS 4

KIEL, Germany — Foxxum, innovator in cutting-edge CTV tech, announced today a landmark partnership for its Foxxum OS 4 with CVTE, the world’s largest supplier of TV components in consumer and commercial sectors.

The partnership sees Foxxum OS 4 integrated onto CVTE’s printed circuit board (PCB). This market-ready motherboard will be available to the more than 600 local and regional OEMS and TV brands. This hardware/OS combination allows these regional players to compete with other global brands, giving them the equivalent tech at the lowest possible cost, and shortest time to market.

Foxxum’s recently announced Foxxum OS 4, based on RDK, seamlessly integrates streaming services and applications across all devices within a single OS. It is designed to meet the rising needs of CTV manufacturers to generate additional revenue sources in a highly competitive market. Foxxum OS 4 offers the only genuinely independent CTV OS solution available that allows maximum participation in viewing monetization. The partnership with CVTE provides a perfectly engineered printed circuit board paired with an extraordinary CTV operating system that maximizes platform revenues and meets the demand of OEMs and TV brands looking for a one-stop solution.

CVTE is the world’s leading and largest supplier of TV core components in consumer-grade and commercial electronics industries. Core superior technologies of display, control, and IoT connectivity, leading-edge manufacturing, and total quality management accelerate process innovation, drive cost efficiency, increase yields, for more significant product differentiation, and exceptional quality.

Ronny Lutzi, Foxxum CEO, says, “CVTE’s technology combined with Foxxum OS 4 will solve a major problem of OEMs and TV brands. We are delighted to move our well-established partnership with CTVE to the next level of a truly global and strategic partnership that will provide the most competitive CTV solution worldwide.”

Wang Bin, Head of RD in the TV Department of CVTE, says, “We know Foxxum since the beginning of CTV and always admired the dedication to maximize customer satisfaction. Foxxum OS 4 will allow us to offer our global customers a very attractive product they were waiting for.”

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