Intigral partners with DIAGNAL to enhance entertainment experiences

Thursday, September 7th, 2023 

Intigral the media arm of stc group extends its partnership with DIAGNAL to transform MENA entertainment experiences

DIAGNAL, a global provider of media technology solutions and services, has extended its partnership with Intigral, the media and advertising arm of stc group. This partnership aims to further transform entertainment experiences for audiences across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. With a growing premium OTT audience in MENA, Intigral is looking to further cement its position as the leading provider of digital entertainment and sports platforms, offering a broad range of premium content through a seamless user experience delivered across multiple devices.

Since the beginning of 2020, DIAGNAL has been working closely with Intigral to deliver engaging cross platform viewing experiences. As a master aggregator of content and a digital provider of entertainment and sports platforms, Intigral offers an impressive portfolio of original, regional, and global content for MENA viewers to access with a single subscription. Intigral enables content access on various devices, including its own branded set-top box, retail TVs, mobiles, and PC web browsers. In addition, Intigral supports sophisticated multi-tenancy capabilities in its technology platforms, allowing the efficient launch of multiple parallel services with specific brands across the MENA region – stc tv in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain, and Jawwy TV in the wider MENA region.

Leveraging extensive expertise and experience in OTT app development, DIAGNAL collaborated with Intigral to translate its vision and product requirements into a robust set of application delivery plans. DIAGNAL developed and tested video application solutions for a wide range of TV devices, including Android operator tier launcher on Skyworth set top box as well as cross platform apps for LG TV, Samsung TV, retail Android TVs, Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox and Foxxum. Following the successful launch of the TV apps, DIAGNAL also took responsibility for the development and testing of Intigral’s Android and iOS mobile applications. Furthermore, DIAGNAL provides dedicated 24×7 technical support services to Intigral, ensuring the efficient management and resolution of any unexpected production incidents.

This technology partnership, focused on delivering premium multi-platform experiences, has significantly increased the viewership of Intigral products. The success has motivated Intigral and DIAGNAL to collaborate on additional ways to enhance entertainment experiences for Intigral’s customers. These include improving the user navigation experience, introducing kids mode, creating a branded sports section, and launching the service in French across selected MENA countries.

Bill Sharp, Chief Technology Officer at Intigral, said: “We are pleased to continue and extend our technology services partnership with DIAGNAL, whom we trust to help us efficiently transform and extend regional viewing experiences,” He added: “DIAGNAL’s technical expertise, deep industry knowledge and commitment to success have played a crucial role in realising our ambitious product roadmap vision for robust video application experiences in the hands of our users. With DIAGNAL’s support, we have not only increased our viewership numbers but also witnessed a significant rise in customer satisfaction. We look forward to further collaboration and innovation with DIAGNAL as we continue to raise the bar for premium OTT streaming experiences across the MENA region.”

“The OTT industry in MENA is dynamic, growing, and competitive. This environment demands fast paced technical innovation and delivery flexibility. DIAGNAL is dedicated to prioritising our customers’ evolving needs and delivering relevant, robust solutions that drive engagement, revenue, and user satisfaction. We are delighted to be collaborating with Intigral and will continue to innovate alongside them in the future” said Reuben Verghese, CEO of DIAGNAL.

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