Paywizard and Diagnal drive targeted real-time multichannel customer engagement

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018
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Paywizard and Diagnal unveil strategic partnership to drive targeted real-time multichannel customer engagement

  • New joint offering combines the analytic power of Paywizard Agile with the marketing execution capabilities of Diagnal’s Engage platform
  • Utilises Paywizard’s Decision Moments framework with Diagnal Engage’s ability to deliver real-time social media and digital marketing campaigns to target customers at the right time for the right business outcomes
  • Combined proposition to debut at NAB Show 2018, where demos will be available on the Paywizard stand

LONDON — Paywizard, the pay-TV subscription, billing and customer relationship management (CRM) specialist, and Diagnal, the expert in marketing technology solutions for Internet TV service providers, have announced a strategic partnership that enables pay-TV and over-the-top (OTT) TV operators to take an intelligent, data-driven approach to delivering real-time customer communications and dynamic multichannel marketing campaigns.

The new strategic partnership brings together the power of both the Paywizard Agile and Diagnal Engage platforms, providing operators with a robust set of tools to deliver social media and direct marketing campaigns in real-time, drawing customer data analysis to drive user acquisition, ensure revenue conversion and improve customer retention.

At NAB Show 2018, demonstrations of the new joint Paywizard and Diagnal proposition will highlight how operators can quickly execute proactive customer communications across multiple channels – including social media, email and in-app notifications – by leveraging rich data insight and predictive analytics to engage with subscribers more effectively at the eight critical ‘Decision Moments’ in the customer journey (identified as Find, Join, Consume, Upgrade, Downgrade, Bill, Leave and Win Back).

Bhavesh Vaghela, Paywizard’s Chief Executive, comments: “A key to consistently providing consumers with the best possible customer experience is engaging with them through the right channel at the right time in the customer journey. Joining forces with Diagnal gives our clients campaign execution tools for intelligent customer engagement, allowing them to maximise the robust Decision Moments framework we’ve established, so that operators can identify audiences proactively and get the most effective communications out to their customers in real-time.”

Reuben Verghese, Diagnal’s Chief Executive, adds: “Paywizard’s Decision Moments is a well thought out framework for any pay-TV and OTT operator serious about managing their customer journeys. It made perfect sense for Diagnal to partner with Paywizard to extend Agile’s understanding and insight into action through Engage. Diagnal Engage now allows operators to take real-time actions as users reach specific Decision Moments, putting them right back into the driving seat in the customer relationship. By creating highly targeted, personalised and content aware campaigns via the Paywizard and Diagnal partnership, TV operators can now reduce both acquisition costs and customer attrition – while building subscriber loyalty and revenue.”

The combined technology enables pay-TV and OTT operators to:

  • Target customers with ease – based on their behaviours, profiles and position within the customer lifecycle
  • Drive engagement fast – identifying subscribers in the right moment, building marketing campaigns that can be triggered proactively in real-time
  • Improve their approach continuously – analysing success, to learn more about customer behaviour and take action to evolve your TV service

Verghese notes: “Our joint offering empowers TV operators to tap into data insights and predictive analytics, to make the right marketing engagement decisions and to continuously monitor success.”

Vaghela concludes: “This strategic partnership opens opportunities for TV operators to ensure they are talking to the subscribers in the way they need to – just when the timing is optimal. What’s more, it is critical for operators today to have the flexibility and ability to drive personalised offers and promotions, test different approaches to different customer segments and geographic markets, and drive further content consumption.”

If you would like a demonstration of joint Paywizard Diagnal offering the at NAB Show 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre April 7-12, come visit Paywizard at the show (Booth SU10306CM).