SpringServe joins Amazon streaming TV ad server certification program

Friday, March 10th, 2023 
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SpringServe joins the Amazon Publisher Services Streaming TV Ad Server Certification Program

NEW YORK — SpringServe, the leading independent ad serving platform now part of Magnite (NASDAQ:MGNI), announced today that it will be joining the Amazon Publisher Services (APS) Ad Server Certification Program for streaming TV.

SpringServe’s certification with APS will allow publishers to implement a simplified APS header bidding integration while maximizing the benefits of programmatic monetization across their streaming TV endpoints. Header bidding allows publishers to conduct a unified auction across all advertiser bids to help improve the viewer experience by limiting repeat ads as well as increase monetization for publishers’ ad inventory.

“APS’ header bidding technology helps media owners improve the viewer experience by reducing latency and preventing repeat ads, which is important in a streaming TV environment. SpringServe’s demand-agnostic unified auction, and full suite of ad serving tools best serves our streaming partners optimizing for maximum revenue and a seamless ad experience,” said Joe Hirsch, General Manager at SpringServe.

SpringServe is a global ad serving platform purpose-built for OTT, STV and video advertising. Its software offers a full stack of ad serving, optimization and automation solutions that make video ad serving smarter across devices. Leading streaming companies and smart TV manufacturers including FuboTV and VIZIO leverage SpringServe’s technology.

In addition to publishers, advertisers will also benefit from the upcoming certification through increased access to streaming TV inventory with APS header bidding. When buying this inventory, advertisers using the Amazon DSP can apply Amazon first-party audience and contextual signals through private marketplace and programmatic guaranteed deals.

Alongside the capabilities offered to customers upon certification, APS and SpringServe will continue to innovate together to create new solutions to help publishers, advertisers, and viewers in an ever-changing and rapidly growing video space.

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