Publica joins Amazon streaming TV ad server certification program

Friday, March 10th, 2023 
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Publica Becomes One of the First to Join the Amazon Publisher Services Streaming TV Ad Server Certification Program

  • This upcoming certification has the power to maximize the value of header bidding for streaming TV publishers and advertisers.

NEW YORK — Publica, a leading Connected TV (CTV) ad-server owned by Integral Ad Science, announced that they will be joining the new, global Amazon Publisher Services (APS) Ad Server Certification Program for streaming TV.

Publica’s upcoming certification will allow publishers to implement a simplified APS header bidding integration, enabling publishers to conduct a unified auction across all advertiser bids. This technology has the power to improve viewer experience by limiting repetitive ads while also increasing publisher yield.

According to eMarketer, streaming TV ad spend is expected to more than double by the end of 2026. When deciding where to spend streaming TV dollars, advertisers often prefer publishers with header bidding solutions, as it creates the opportunity to compete on a level playing field for inventory to help maximize campaign reach and effectiveness. Once Publica is certified by APS, advertisers will receive incremental access to header bidding supply via the new APS and Publica integration. This can also result in more opportunities for publishers to deliver private marketplace deals from CTV advertisers.

“We are excited to bring incremental demand from APS to the growing number of publishers and TV manufacturers who are now adopting the Publica ad server to help them grow their advertising revenues. Publica empowers publishers to create intelligent ad breaks that can be optimized on a revenue per second basis, all while improving their viewer’s streaming experiences with seamless ad delivery,” said Publica Chief Revenue Officer Sean Galligan.

Publica shares APS’ focus on the needs of publishers. Going forward, Publica and APS plan to provide global publishers with a full roadmap of new features for streaming TV ad serving, including simplified setup of private marketplace deals, the provision of forecasting tools within the Publica user interface, simplified access to interactive ad formats and seamless integration of third-party technology vendors.

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