Valossa AI powers UX of Cinedigm's Cineverse streaming service

Thursday, March 30th, 2023 
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Cinedigm Selects Valossa Labs OY as its Video Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Partner for Cineverse, its Flagship Streaming Service

LOS ANGELES and OULU, Finland — Cinedigm Corp. (NASDAQ: CIDM), the premier independent streaming entertainment company super-serving enthusiast audiences, today announced an agreement with Valossa Labs OY as its video Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology partner and vendor for its flagship streaming service Cineverse.

This partnership enhances the user experience for Cineverse by utilizing Valossa’s human-level cognitive automation systems. Valossa Autopreview™ is a fully automated promotion engine that creates a more dynamic content experience and drives deeper viewer engagement across Cineverse’s library of over 20,000 video titles, among the largest free streaming libraries currently available.

Valossa’s video automation product Autopreview™ detects and interprets deep audio-visual content on a frame-by-frame basis in order to create frame-accurate contextual metadata tags and generate professional-grade video previews automatically for the films and television series offered on Cineverse. The benefits of this technology are immense from a content programming, content discovery and targeted advertising perspective.

“As we continue to increase the size of our content offering on Cineverse, the need to refine and improve content discovery becomes more paramount to our goal of becoming the ‘Spotify of Independent Film,'” stated Tony Huidor, Cinedigm’s Chief Technology & Product Officer. “By design, one of the many competitive advantages that our Matchpoint platform offers us is the ability to leverage innovative third-party technologies and integrate with cutting-edge technology providers, like Valossa, to continually innovate and raise the bar on what users expect of their streaming services”.

“We are proud to deliver our cutting-edge AI technology to Cinedigm, the premier independent streaming company in the US,” noted Mika Rautiainen, CEO of Valossa Labs OY. “This partnership is a testament to our pursuit of delivering next-generation media solutions that help companies monetise their titles across global markets by leveraging recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence,” Rautiainen added.

“Years of development with VALOSSA AI™ contextual intelligence stack has brought us to a level where computer systems can both interpret and repurpose video assets and help distributors to more effectively reach the right audiences in online environments. Our AI-assisted video solutions are establishing a new standard across the entertainment industry with a fast-growing number of international customers,” says Rautiainen.

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