Harmonic unveils addressable advertising SaaS for sports streaming

Sunday, April 16th, 2023 
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Harmonic Unveils Powerful Addressable Advertising SaaS for Sports Streaming at Scale

  • New Stand-Alone SSAI SaaS Boasts an Open Ecosystem for Targeted Advertising

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Harmonic (NASDAQ: HLIT) today announced that it has launched VOS®360 Ad, an innovative, stand-alone, server-side ad insertion (SSAI) SaaS that is fully cloud-based, enabling targeted addressable advertising at scale for video streaming. Powered by Harmonic’s state-of-the-art, field-proven manifest manipulation technology, VOS360 Ad SaaS allows best-in-class targeted ad delivery to millions of concurrent viewers for live sports streaming as well as a host of streaming applications, including linear, VOD, FAST, IPTV and low-latency live streaming.

“VOS360 Ad SaaS takes targeted advertising to the next level by providing media companies with a robust solution that is fully scalable, offering low latency and enhanced addressability,” said Gil Rudge, senior vice president, video products and solutions at Harmonic. “With our stand-alone SSAI SaaS, video service providers can tap into the reliability and scalability of VOS360 while delivering truly personalized ads to the individual viewer level, vastly improving audience engagement and monetization.”

VOS360 Ad solution’s advanced SSAI capabilities will be used by MSG Networks for its new MSG+ sports streaming service, launching this summer. “With the VOS360 solution, we can deliver targeted advertising with unparalleled scalability and outstanding quality,” said Dave Schafer, senior vice president, product, technology and operations for MSG Networks.

Complete Solution Offers Best-in-Class Feature Set

VOS360 Ad SaaS reinforces Harmonic’s leadership position in the video streaming market. The comprehensive solution includes ad ingest and processing, ad serving, frame-accurate server-side ad insertion, ad decision server and supply-side server capabilities. Innovative features include:

  • Industry-leading scalability: Deployed at scale, VOS360 Ad delivers over 250 million ad impressions and serves 12 billion manifests a month, allowing content owners to achieve higher ad fill rates.
  • Field-proven reliability and georedundancy: Similar to VOS360 Media SaaS, VOS360 Ad SaaS leverages Harmonic’s high standard of quality, providing industry-acclaimed reliability for ad revenue streams. The field-proven solution can be deployed in a fully geo-redundant fashion.
  • Low latency: VOS360 Ad allows for low-latency streaming of premier events in UHD without impacting ad revenue.
  • Innovative dynamic brand insertion: Partnering with Mirriad, VOS360 Ad enables video service providers to create more ad inventory without increasing the ad load.

Open Ecosystem Maximizes Flexibility

VOS360 Ad SaaS answers the critical need for a monetization solution that is open and scalable. The VOS360 Ad solution offers an open ecosystem with well-known partners and well-documented APIs for extensive flexibility and simplified targeted ad delivery. Integration with Beachfront’s sell-side ad server enables customers to maximize existing inventory. VOS360 Ad is also integrated and deployed with many industry-leading ad decision servers and supply-side platforms.

Stand-Alone SaaS Allows Choice of Origin Server

Existing VOS360 SaaS customers can complement their services with the new VOS360 Ad SaaS. The stand-alone solution also supports third-party origin servers and video streaming applications and can also serve broadband service providers that want to offer targeted advertising to IPTV subscribers.

DevOps Experts Ensure Seamless Integration

VOS360 Ad is backed by Harmonic’s worldwide DevOps team, simplifying integration and deployment in even the most challenging workflows.

VOS360 Ad SaaS is available now. Harmonic will debut the new solution at the 2023 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

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