AMC Networks to launch ad-supported version of its AMC+ streaming service

Monday, April 17th, 2023 
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AMC Networks To Launch Ad-Supported Version Of Its AMC+ Streaming Service By October, Selling In 2023/24 Upfront

  • New Offering will Allow Advertising Partners to Reach Viewers on Company’s Flagship Streaming Product and Create a Comprehensive Ad-Supported Content Ecosystem Across Linear, Streaming and Digital/CTV

NEW YORK, NY — AMC Networks today announced that it is planning to launch an ad-supported version of its AMC+ streaming service later this year. The move will offer additional flexibility to subscribers and allow the company’s advertising partners to reach viewers on its flagship streaming product and across a comprehensive ad-supported content ecosystem that spans linear TV networks, streaming and digital/CTV platforms.

The AMC+ premium streaming bundle includes access to the Shudder, IFC Films Unlimited and Sundance Now targeted streaming services, and the addition of this ad-supported version will allow advertising partners to go far beyond reaching viewers by buying spots on linear episodes or series. Through ad-supported AMC+, advertisers can orchestrate comprehensive and high-impact placements across series, genres and franchises that have never been possible before.

“This is a big moment for AMC Networks and for our advertising partners, because it not only creates a fully-ad supported distribution ecosystem, it also allows advertisers to buy our shows, genres and franchises in a much more comprehensive and impactful way,” said Kim Kelleher, chief commercial officer of AMC Networks. “With our new series content, library titles and other targeted streaming platforms that are all bundled into AMC+, partners can move beyond individual shows and even series and choose to ‘own’ whole genres and franchises, and drive messaging to target audiences no matter what they are watching or where. We’ve never been able to offer this level of sweeping yet highly focused reach before in such an effective and comprehensive way.”

Targeted streaming services Shudder, IFC Films Unlimited and Sundance Now that are accessed through the AMC+ bundle (as opposed to being purchased individually) will also be included in the ad-supported tier, which will extend buying reach across those services focused on horror, the best in independent film and international drama.

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